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Features Best Hard Drive For Gaming In 2021

Large Storage

When we use a system the main issue we face is the storage space of the system. Many times our system runs out of space due to which we become unable to store many of our data. So the hard drives are made containing large spaces to easily store even a huge amount of data.

That is why “How much data a hard drive can store” is one of its most prominent features. In past, A very small amount of data was stored in a drive, but as time passed and technology became more advanced, many models came with different capacity of data storage,  In the present era, it has grown tremendously as the storage capacity of hard drives is counted in Gigabytes(GBs) and terabytes(TBs).


Speed is another main factor when you take a look at Hard Drives. Mechanical hard drives are classified by how many times per second the internal disks rotate.

However, raw speed doesn’t always equate to better overall performance; the storage mechanism, connection type, and device bandwidth also play roles. Solid-state drives, which use flash memory as a storage mechanism, can read and write data faster than hard drives that use mechanical disk platters. Additionally, hard drives encounter a performance bottleneck related to the device connection type. A hard drive that uses SATA I will not be able to transfer data faster than 1.5 Gbps even if the device can access the data faster.

Device Form Factor and Connection

Hard drives are also characterized by the measure of the room the gadget takes up and how it connects with the PC. Hard drives utilize the mutually exclusive SATA, SAS, SCSI, and PATA association norms. A PC that utilizes SATA hard drives needs to help the SATA standard; this element can be added to work areas utilizing development cards. Hard drives are additionally portrayed by structure factor estimations, for example, 3.5, 2.5, and 1.8 inches. A bigger structure factor won’t fit in a gadget that utilizes a more modest structure factor; in any case, the opposite works with mounting gear.

Things we should keep in mind before buying a Hard Drive

When you go to the market to buy a hard drive for your system, there are some major things you should keep in mind which will help you buy a good hard drive.

Cost vs Quality

  • Most lower-priced hard drives are focused on customers and don’t sport the unique features of their upgraded versions. 
  • This is usually, despite any trouble for some customers, however, if you are looking for improved unwavering quality, a more drawn-out guarantee period, and quicker execution, you may be in an ideal situation choosing the venture form of a drive. 
  • Backblaze’s hard drive unwavering quality information indicated that the disappointment pace of a buyer drive was reliably higher than its identical endeavor model. 
  • This may not have a significant effect on the off chance that you are simply purchasing a drive for standard work area use. However, an incredible workstation or gaming PC utilized consistently may profit from the expanded presentation and dependability of a venture drive.


  • No hard drive is everlast, and you ought to consistently consider the unwavering quality of the drive you are buying. 
  • This is particularly true if you will store significant documents on the drive or will utilize them as a reinforcement for your essential stockpiling. 
  • Perhaps the least demanding approach to decide the unwavering quality of a hard drive is by its guarantee period.

Recording Technology

  • Many HDD purchasers may not understand that there are various kinds of recording innovation which each have their compromises. 
  • The most widely recognized sort of recording technology is Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR), which composes and peruses information from roundabout tracks on a turning platter. 
  • There is another Technology named Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR), which covers recording tracks to store information at a lower cost. 
  • This implies that SMR drives can not exactly cost their PMR partners, however will encounter more compose deferrals and below normal execution.

Below are 9 Best Hard Drives For Gaming In 2021 listed

Before choosing the best HDD for you we would like to tell you about the components of a hard drive. The hard drive, which normally gives storage and applications inside a PC, has four key segments inside its packaging, the platter, the shaft, the read/compose arm, and the actuator.

Components of a hard drive


The platters are the roundabout circles inside the hard drive where the 1s and 0s that make up your documents are put away. Platters are made out of aluminum, glass, or earthenware and have an attractive surface to for all time store information. On bigger hard drives, a few platters are utilized to expand the general limit of the drive. 

The Spindle

The Spindle keeps the platters in position and pivots them as required. The cycles per-minute rating decides how quickly information can be composed to and perused from the hard drive. An average inside work area drive runs at 7,200 RPM, however quicker and more slow rates are accessible.

The Read/Write Arm

The read/write arm controls the development of the read/write heads, which do the genuine perusing and composing on the circle platters by changing over the attractive surface into an electric flow. The arm ensures the heads are in the correct position depending on the information that should be gotten to or composed; it’s otherwise called the head arm or actuator arm. 


The actuator or head actuator is a little engine that takes guidelines from the drive’s circuit board to control the development of the read/compose arm and direct the exchange of information to and from the platters. 

NO. 1 G-Technology 4TB G-DRIVE – (best external hard drive for gaming)

G-Technology is a brand which always satisfies its customers with its spectacular products, it always makes products according to exception and needs of customers.

However, many brands are making hard disk drives but all of them come from many flaws, but this brands product are highly recommended and reliable,

But as you know good things came with good price, it’s a little bit costly from other harddisk products but in order to its cost, its working is very good, like they replace cost with its working,

Features of G-Technology 4TB G-DRIVE

USB 3.0:

According to meet the need of today future they are making their product more advanced so in order to this they made a USB with a 3.0 fast port for a better and high-speed service


If we wanted to meet the needs of today’s world, appearance matter a lot so, in order to meet this need, G-tech launched a product that has a solid. It also contains a stylish box


When we talk about hard drives the first thing which comes to our mind is their storage capacities, SO in order to meet this need, the G-tech launched its product which has a capacity which is up to  18TB for multimedia.

File back-up:

For providing feasibility to its customers the G-tech made a product which has a feature which is called data backup, so if in case you accidentally delete or remove your data from the disk you don’t have to worry a lot because file back up system help you

2 in 1 function:

As we know in today’s world the biggest issue we are facing is differentiating the products of mac and android, but you don’t have to worry a lot because the G-tech made a disk that suits both its use for plug and play music streaming as well as easily formatted on Windows.

Pros & Cons Of G-Technology 4TB G-DRIVE USB 3.0

NO. 2 SAMSUNG 860 PRO SSD 512GB – 2.5 Inch – (best SSD hard drive for gaming)

Samsung 860 PRO SSD  is one of the best hard disk products introduced from Samsung incorporations. People are loving it because of its stylish look and appearance and performance. Its black color with a white logo looks more beautiful. High-quality features read speeds which is up to 560 MB/s with the latest tech. Samsung’s hard disk price in Pakistan is much reasonable easily buy it for yourself or it could be the best option to gift someone. makes it one of the main leading brands, So if you are interested in this Samsung hard disk you can buy it from an online mall. The online mall provides you best services with free shipment.

However, due to its high performance and reliability, and endurance, it comes with a little high price but as compared to its features its price does not matter at all.

Features of SAMSUNG 860 PRO SSD 512GB – 2.5 Inch SATA


Its latest technology with a reliable technology makes it more attractive and favorite of all, it is very important for the hard disk to be reliable because there are many important data in hard disk


It installed the latest technology made its performance out of charts because this hard disk it totally updates to as we know that more a tech updates more its working are good.

Superior Endurance:

when we talk about the endurance of the hard disk this hard disk stand excellent for its compact design and super endurance, its endurance make it worthy and can be used to seeing videos over 4k


when we talk about compatibility this hard disk stands best for its excellent compatibility and wide dimensions.

Pros & Cons of SAMSUNG 860 PRO SSD 512GB – 2.5 Inch

NO. 3 Seagate (ST2000LX001) FireCuda 2TB Solid State Hybrid Drive – (best hard drive for gaming pc)

While getting a Hard Disk, your priorities are either fast boot times that mostly the hard disk bid or you are willing to get a large storage capacity at a low range. Previously you had only one option whether you could get a fast boot drive or an in-capacity disk. On the other hand, What if you desire a couple of these in one disk? 

In order to fulfill both these requirements, one needs a disk, like Seagate FireCuda 2TB Solid State.

Either you build a system within your budget or you don’t prefer a fast drive, In all these two cases, an SSHD will prove itself a good option for you. It is basically a combination of a common solid drive and the latest technology of NAND flash.

Features of Seagate (ST2000LX001) FireCuda 2TB Solid State Hybrid Drive

Storage Capability

Nowadays storage capacity is one of the uprisings issues, as everyone needs a data storage device that can store more data. Inaction to this issue Seagate fire Cuda introduces a hard drive that provides 3 different storage spaces including 500GBs, 1TB, 2TBs.

Gaming device

Are you looking for the best gaming device? The Seagate (ST2000LX001) FireCuda 2TB Solid State Hybrid solid disk has proved itself to be the best option. It provides gameplay much faster with a built-in SSHD and affords both SSD achievement and HDD retention. And also helps load maps and boot levels with a fast flash speed.


FireCuda has introduced medium that meld the latest NAND flash technology with traditional hard drives for a large space and speeds up to 5× faster than a common hard drive.


Seagate FireCuda gives you peace of mind through its long 5 years assurance.

Pros & Cons of Seagate (ST2000LX001) FireCuda 2TB Solid State Hybrid Drive

No. 4 Seagate BarraCuda 3TB – (Best Internal Hard Drive)

Seagate BarraCuda 3TB is another 7200pm drive in the 3.5 inches form factor HDD. The drive is connected to a 6GB/ SATA cable but is also reconciled with a 3GB cable. These drives can suck less power than the older models but are not as green as the “Green” line of HDD.

The Seagate BarraCuda 3TB consists of only 3 platters, which helps it consuming low power and minimum thermal output. At 3TB it concedes terabyte to a mighty level. But the storage is not as vast as WD Black 4TB.

The Seagate Barracuda is specially made for speed.

Features of Seagate BarraCuda 3TB

Storage Capacity

3TB storage capacity makes BurraCuda a might Hard drive. The people who want huge storage, Seagate BurrCuda will be the best choice for them.


The 3.5 inches device is specially made for speed. It releases the tension of slow running and satisfies the user.

Power Consumption

The Seagate BarraCudda consists of only 3 platters, which helps it consuming less energy and also minimize the thermal output.

Other Applications

BarraCuda is a drive for nearly every PC application like music, video editing, photo editing, and gaming.


Give your mind peace with the amazing warranty of 2-years.

Pros & Cons of Seagate BarraCuda 3TB

NO. 5 SK Hynix Gold S31 1TB 3D NAND 2.5 inch

SK Hynix Inc. is a South Korean company, which is working on memory on many hard disks as well as ram random assess memory and from read-only memory. It contains all kinds of chips and flash memory chips. Today the Hynix company stands as the world’s second-largest memory chipmaker and the world’s. This company also won the title of the world’s 3rd-largest semiconductor company. Recently they launched a product which name is SK Hynix Gold internal SSD hard disk.

This hard disk won the heart of millions of people from its spectacular look and design and its wide dimension, SK Hynix always won the heart of its customers from its reliable product. They made their name in the field of its marketing & never disappoint their customers.

Features of SK Hynix Gold S31 1TB 3D NAND 2.5 inch

Premium upgrades

Technology is upgrading day by day, so we should also try to meet the need for the latest technology so this hard disk upgrades SSD is a good replacement for your pc 

Tier speed

If you talk about speed then you came to the right place because this hard disk assures the highest speed. Their speed can be as fast as 500mbs and give you a good experience of high speed

Overedge leading 

They always Leading an  and give an edge solution which almost leads NAND, controller and DRAM

Reliability and stability

Reliable things are hard to find but in SK hard disk, They are superior reliability and stability it also conation the MTBF/TBW. Over 1.5 Million Hours MTBF, that’s why it stands best-in-class.


Its warranty package also won the heart of millions of peoples it has a 5-year warranty and rock-solid support from the technology point of view.

Pros & Cons of SK Hynix Gold S31 1TB 3D NAND 2.5 inch

NO. 6 Toshiba MQ01ABD 1 TB 2.5” Internal Hard Drive MQ01ABD100

Toshiba is a trustful and high star brand nowadays, Always launched a product that will satisfy its customer, now Toshiba launched a product that is MQ01ABD 1 TB 2.5″ Internal Hard Drive.

This is one of the best hard drives which is been used nowadays, highly trustful and reliable, Always satisfy its customers and provide feasibility and ease of use.

Although Toshiba stands for its excellent product and wide dimension it also comes with an amount of money.

Features of Toshiba MQ01ABD 1 TB 2.5″ Internal Hard Drive MQ01ABD100

Heavy Storage 

These hard drives are very fast and contain mass storage and heavy storage, They are made for heavy data entry.

Availability of Storage Space

As we know technology is increasing day by day so, These hard drives also meet the latest tech by giving the feasibility of terabytes and gigabytes.

Data Access

It has very effective and has very fluent performance, data access increase the speed and visibility of storage devices and give them more boost and power that’s why these hard disks stand one of the best

Factor and Connection

This is basically a  feature of desktops via expansion cards, the hard devices which use the data technology are always best and good in use they have a very fast response and are very reliable and have very good life span of 3.5, 2.5, and 1.8 inches.

Pros & Cons Of Toshiba MQ01ABD 1TB 2.5″ Internal Hard Drive

No. 7 WD Black 4TB Performance Desktop Hard Disk Drive

Technology is increasing day by day and as per increasing of technology, we should also take steps to make our life working side by side with technology, hard disk major part in the technology field as you know that storing data is one of the most important things.

Nowadays, so in order to meet the need of users, the WD Black 4TB Performance Desktop Hard Disk Drive launched a brand which is according meet the needs of its users and made their life more easy and good.

Features of WD Black 4TB Performance Desktop Hard Disk Drive


The interface which this disk drive is using is best for high durability because this interface is a combination of  3.5-inch SATA hard drives with 7100 RPM spin speed, 64 MB.

Electronics architecture

This contains high-performance electronic devices which contain an architecture that contains high performing electronic devices making it more electronics architecture


During reading and writing  operations its 4 terabyte storage can hold up to 8 lac of photos and 10 lac of music its also motor areas contain double edge surface which gives its more stable tracks 

Stabilization of platters:

Platters are much stabilized and fast working however to recognize the full capacity of this drive, you may need multiple partitions. Check with the manufacturer to verify your system’s compatibility.

Pros & Cons of WD Black 4TB Performance Desktop Hard Disk Drive

No. 8 WD Blue 500GB Desktop Hard Disk Drive – 7200

WD has made a drive with better storage capacity some time ago that has ended tension of fewer data storage with the ability to store data up to 500GBs. This drive is specially made for desktop systems.

A program is designed through which it calculates the optimum speed to lower the battery consumption, noise, and vibration. It is made to give your desktop a high speed, and the reason behind its high speed is that it contains a 7200RPM and 6Gb/16MB Cache.

Features of WD Blue 500GB Desktop Hard Disk Drive – 7200


WD Presents the blue 500GB Desktop drive that can store data up to 500GBs and is specially made for desktop systems.


As it contains large storage it is also made to give your system a high speed and contains a speed of 7200RPM and 6GB/16Mb cache.


If we talk about the performance of drives, they are in the front row. WD makes drives with top speed and large storage capability with zero hang and thermal outcome.


You will get this drive with a great warranty of 2-years. 

Pros & Cons of WD Blue 500GB Desktop Hard Disk Drive – 7200

No. 9 Western Digital 14TB Ultrastar DC HC530 SATA HDD

Western Digital has introduced the highest storage capacity drives a few time ago that has the ability to store data of humongous size, which is up to 14TBs that uses a Perpendicular Magnetic Recording( PMR) with the two-dimensional counteracting (TDMR) That helps read heads to ensure consistent read performance.

The Ultrastar DC HC530 is accessible just in a 14TB storage dimension with 4Kn and 512e parts. The reason for its high speed is that it contains a 7200RPM axle speed, a 512 MB buffer, and SATA or SAS alliance.

Features of Western Digital 14TB Ultrastar DC HC530 SATA HDD


The corporations offer Ultrastar DC HC530 HDDs that contain a hardware self-encroach extent, which means that all of the data gathered to the storage medium is encrypted by the disk before it is been read.

Instant secure erase feature

This feature is essential for higher-capacity hard drives. This feature is better than overwriting a drive with new data.


If we talk about performance, HGST transfers data with a speed of 267MB/s.


Western digital gives a mind relaxing warranty of 2-years. Which makes this drive perfect to use.

Pros & Cons of Western Digital 14TB Ultrastar DC HC530 SATA HDD

Maintenance of a Hard Drive

Hard drives are one of the most important parts in a computer, as it contains all of your data storage and you have to take care of it so you may not face the problems related to your data like the data crash or any kind of malware, virus or software bug. 

While buying a hard drive you must note even some minor things that can harm your drive and computer as well. If you are a student or a business you must be willing to save all your data and notes related to your studies or business, and if there is any kind of damage or data crash in the system or any of your file contains a virus or software bugs, all your data will be at a risk and can be corrupted or vanished.

Even if you have a 1TB hard drive or 10TB hard drive, as more functions or programs you install on it, save it or download it from the internet it will run out of space with time. As many programs or files, you install on your computer, it will be slow down accordingly, and may get some virus or malware.

Here are some tip by which you can easily maintain your drive and protect it from all kinds of viruses and computer slow down issues

Install Software That Applies Only to Business Operations

The IT department stops users from downloading any software directly from the internet. The reason behind this is when you download some software directly from google without scanning it may install some malware or virus automatically.

Whether you are doing some office work or using the computer for your personal use, be sure to install some anti-virus program and a firewall to protect your system from dangerous kinds of viruses and software bugs.

Update the Operating System

Make sure to update your operating system on a monthly basis at least, as by doing this you are making sure that your system performs better, and preventing the issues of hard drive failures. Most businessmen use Microsoft windows as they can automatically update.

Remove unnecessary programs

Must remove unnecessary programs from your computer as the unneeded data covers the worthy space of your hard drive and also slows down the system, if the system is not deleting some data from the deleted option, you can remove it from the add/remove option in the control panel.

Utilize Power Save and Sleep Modes

Businesses should design their operating systems to power off after a particular measure of time or a time of inactivity. The less time your hard drive is running, the more it will last over the lifetime of the drive 

Adding a moment or two anywhere will drag out the existence of the hard drive altogether. Utilizing Sleep mode makes it simpler to return back to work without rebooting the PC. It additionally drags out the existence of the hard drive.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hard Drives For Gaming

What is a Hard Drive?

The Hard Drive is a device that stores all your data. A regular hard drive is just somewhat bigger than your hand, yet can hold more than 100 GB of information. The data is stored on a heap of plates that are mounted inside a strong encasement.

Are our laptop hard drives different than that of a PC?

Laptop hard drives are not that much different from PC hard drives, the main difference between both is the size and performance.

Can we use Desktop HDD on Laptop?

Desktop SATA HDD works on +12V while Laptop SATA HDD on +5v. It’s only there to keep a viable SATA association structure factor and pinout. So on the off chance that you can some way or another fitting the work area HDD into the SATA information and force pins, as is on Laptop, it will not power on.

Which Hard Drive is Reliable?

The 2 TB Seagate Backup Plus Slim is the best versatile hard drive for the vast majority since it’s solid, and because it’s lighter and more modest than the greater part of the other hard drives we tried. It’s one of the most affordable drives per terabyte we tried, and it’s reliably quicker than the majority of the opposition.

What features a hard drive provide?

  •    Large Storage
  •    Speed
  •    Performance
  •    Mass Connectivity
  •    Clean Cables
  •    Server use and Work station use

What is the hard drive failure?

  • Power breakdown
  • Hard drive overheating
  • Physical damage, usually caused by dropping the hard drive
  • Malware, virus, and software bugs

Where a hard drive is located in a computer?

Hard drives are located inside the CPU of a computer, attached to the motherboard using ATA, SCSI, SATA cables. Hard Drive is powered by PSU (Power Supply Unit).

How to buy a good hard drive?

  • Look for a correct interface
  • Buy a right capacity drive
  • Search a model with a large cache if you can afford it
  • Must note the power consumption and noise level
  • Buy a hard drive with a good warranty 
    best hard disk drive for gamers are available online!

When the computer makes noise, Is it the hard drive?

Yes, it can be a hard drive that makes the noise inside the computer. Usually, a cheaply built or an aged hard drive can make noise. If there is low noise, it means that The problem is not severe. But if you can hear the noise even from 3 to 4 feet, that means the system is in trouble.

Does the room temperature matter for a hard drive?

Yes, the room temperature does matter for a hard drive. At a high room temperature, the drive can be overheated and can be damaged.