To complete a range of projects I need a range of tools that actually work and that I can rely on. Below is an on going list of tools that I can recommend and use on a daily basis.


Adobe Spark is a free tool for professional image and video animation and graphics. It provides a great free alternative for customers that do not have Adobe Photoshop or that want a more simpler option. 


Apple iCloud News Publisher allows publishers to edit, manage, and view all content published to the service.  Without Apple iCloud News Publisher, creators would not be able to share their latest content with their views. 

Logo Google_Analytics.png

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for tracking all traffic to a website. Data can be configured, filtered, and viewed from a variety of devices.  With Google Analytics creators can find the best times to publish new content. I rely on Google Analytics for The Tech Surge.

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Microsoft Office 365 is great for creating and editing word documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. Office 365 is an excellence option for customers that need a reliable option for word processing and editing on a daily basis. 


Squarespace is an affordable, creative website design and hosting company. Pricing starts at $8 a month and is a great starter for new businesses or for personal projects. I rely on Squarespace for The Tech Surge design and hosting.