Is This The First Shot of The Future OnePlus Watch?

For a long time, OnePlus has avoided the temptation to make a big entry into the very lucrative wearable market. However, things have changed dramatically at the headquarters of the Chinese smartphone maker in recent months. OnePlus may be preparing to launch its first connected bracelet, possibly next week, in India. But the Chinese giant also confirmed the arrival of its very first smartwatch, which will launch later in 2021. The OnePlus Health app, which went live last night, gave us a closer look at the OnePlus. Band, its characteristics and watch faces that he will offer. But it seems that there has also been a leak of the future OnePlus Watch.

First Smartwatch Launch in 2021

As tweeted by reliable informant Ishan Agarwal, you can see the OnePlus Watch above. It will most likely have a round screen with fairly large edges all around and two buttons on the right edge. It has the model number W301CN, according to the source code of the application.

The source code also includes screenshots of the user interface for some of the main features. You can see that the app for the OnePlus Watch supports 24/7 heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, breathing exercises, etc. It will allow you to take calls (meaning there will be a built-in speaker and microphone) and manage your calendar events. The leak reveals, as XDA Developers points out, some watch faces, including some Cyberpunk- inspired watch faces. A possible Cyberpunk 2077 Edition smartwatch? Perhaps!

Additionally, as another informant, Nils Ahrensmeier, pointed out on Twitter, the OnePlus Watch could have two variations – a standard OnePlus Watch and an OnePlus Watch RX.

There isn’t a lot of information available for this next smartwatch. However, the name and code suggest that it could be a rebranded OPPO Watch RX. I can’t wait to get my hands on the OnePlus Watch to see how it will stack up against the competition in Wear OS. Rumor has it that it’s powered by Wear OS, but it’s important to take all of this information with a grain of salt. Let’s wait until we have more official details before rushing to conclusions.

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