WhatsApp Delays Rollout of The Recent Privacy Policy!

WhatsApp has just experienced some complicated days. The messaging giant has presented a replacement update to its privacy policy. It focuses on how you communicate with businesses on WhatsApp and provides more transparency on the info collected. the corporate said it’ll now start sharing this data with its parent company, Facebook. It sparked outrage and users accused WhatsApp of invading their privacy. Privacy-conscious users then opted for alternatives like Telegram and Signal.

WhatsApp Privacy Policy

Today, WhatsApp has already tried to clarify things when it involves updating its new privacy policy. However, confusion around these policies continues and has forced the corporate to delay the rollout until May 15, 2021.

Previously, the privacy policy was imagined to get an effect on February 8. You had to conform to the new terms, allowing new business features and data sharing with Facebook, before that date, otherwise, you would lose access to your account.

“ we’ve got decided to maneuver back the date when users are going to be asked to review and conform to the terms. nobody will have their account suspended or deleted on February 8,  ” the blog post said. WhatsApp says it’s giving users time to require a tough study of the new privacy policy.

It will also work to boost awareness of this new policy more users over the approaching weeks. Users can “review  the privacy policy at their own pace before new options for professionals become available on May 15,  ” the corporate adds.

A Real Awareness of Users

If you ignore it, WhatsApp started pushing an in-app notification to alert users to its new privacy policy over the past weekend. While all of your conversations still remain end-to-end encrypted, the corporate has revealed that it’ll allow businesses you speak with using the app to avoid wasting your conversations. additionally, it’ll share your sensitive information with Facebook (and possibly with third parties), in accordance with the new policy.

This measure was viewed by many as an instantaneous violation of user privacy. Since then, over 25 million new users have signed up for Telegram. Another well-known secure messaging app, Signal, also reached # 1 within the App Store rankings during the week. However, WhatsApp continues to be open about the changes and the way they affect you.

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