You Can Now Add Tweets In Snapchat as a Sticker

Twitter makes it even easier to distribute your tweets on all social media platforms. Starting today on iOS (support is coming “soon” for Android), you’ll be able to add tweets in the blink of an eye in Snapchat as a sticker. It is therefore no longer necessary to take screenshots of tweets to share them.

Previously, if you wanted to share a tweet on Snapchat, you had to take a screenshot of it and share it, without having access to Snapchat’s camera or editing features.

Here’s how you can share tweets as stickers in your Snapchat Stories:

  • Update your Twitter app on the App Store
  • Open the Twitter app on your iPhone after updating. Click on the public tweet (private tweets are not supported, for obvious reasons) you want to share
  • Below the tweet, you’ll find a new Snapchat icon in the sharing carousel. Click on it to create the sticker
  • You can then create a Snap as usual, except that the selected tweet will be a sticker that you can manipulate
  • When you click on the Snapchat icon to share the tweet, the Snap links to the tweet on Twitter where you can see the entire conversation

It’s very simple ! As previously stated, the feature is being rolled out to iOS at the moment, with Android integration “coming soon”.

Twitter has not ruled out extending this feature to other platforms in the future. Indeed, if you’ve ditched Snapchat for Instagram Stories, don’t worry: Twitter also says that a small group of iOS users will soon be able to test sharing tweets to Instagram Stories.

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