Your Steam Deck Will be Easier to Repair Thanks to This Partnership With iFixit

Gaming PC handhelds are being released in recent years, however, the Valve Steam Deck may just become the first to truly shake up this segment of the market. In addition to its brand’s strength, the Stream Deck’s price makes it easier to access than competitors which compete with laptops in terms of performance and price. It is now apparent that Steam Deck has a distinct advantage. Steam Deck has an added advantage that can reassure users who want to build an ongoing relationship with the product.

Following the announcement of CAD models for its Stem Deck, the company has announced a new Stem Deck, Valve also disclosed its collaboration with iFixit to offer spare parts for its portable gaming PC. In the past, Valve promised that users could repair the Steam Deck console, and the recent partnership appears to fulfill this promise. As per Steam’s official Steam blog post: Today, we’re announcing that iFixit will be an official supplier of spare parts for the Steam Deck and replacement parts to Valve Index VR. Valve effectively stopped iFixit standard teardown by releasing their own video at a very early stage of the process of production. The teardown didn’t get to the point and also included a set of warnings on the devastating effects of opening the device without assistance. It’s also not surprising the absence of any problems took place during iFixit’s more intensive operation. The positive side is that Steam Deck turned out to be rather simple to open. It is also the most convenient Of all, most components have been made flexible and replaced. components are clearly labeled, and the cable can be clearly marked as if Valve purposely made it easier for techs to dismantle this machine down.

Steam Deck
Steam Deck

Positive and negative news.

Other significant features include the easily-replaceable M.2 SSD, which many laptops do not even have. The motherboard isn’t an all-in-one monster found for most portable devices, such as laptops and smartphones.

This means that you are able to perform numerous repairs and replacements without needing to replace the motherboard with the exception of the USB-C port as well as the micro SD card slot, both of which are soldered to the motherboard.

But there’s a downside, as iFixit says the removal of the battery with an L shape out of the steam deck is extremely difficult, even for the most experienced. Do-it-yourselfers who attempt to take it off themselves can cause damage to the screen when Isopropyl Alcohol can be used in order to remove the adhesive. The team says this is because of the cracks in the structure. The possibility of an almost perfect score was a mere 7/10 on the iFixit repairability chart.

A video Disassembly

iFixit also released a Steam Deck teardown video, intended to be a deeper version of the video Valve has posted a few days ago. Utilizing a 3D x-ray from Creative Electron, iFixit learned how to detach the battery, thumbsticks touchscreen, SSD, and many more.

The first set Steam Deck’s first batch Steam Deck will launch on February 25. Those who pre-ordered a system will have three days to buy it after receiving an email before their pre-order gets passed on to the following person waiting in line.

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