You can currently import chats from WhatsApp into Telegram!

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Now it’s simple and fast to import your WhatsApp chats directly into the message if you choose to vary your electronic messaging service. When WhatsApp proclaimed a heavy amendment to its privacy policy, users of the app became involved concerning what it meant to them. Amid this uproar ANd despite WhatsApp language, it will delay the changes an oversize variety of people have begun to handle alternative chat tools like the message and Signal These security and privacy-focused chat apps have seen a colossal inflow of latest users, and message is creating life easier for those who have determined they don’t seem to be happy to use WhatsApp.

In the latest version of message there is a replacement option to import chats from WhatsApp. this is {often|this can be} often nice news, as a result of it means that if you and your contact switch platforms, you will still be able to see your chat history rather than having to start out out from scratch. sadly, it’s not possible to import everything at once; you’ve to do to to discussion by discussion.

Unfortunately, the new import feature is presently solely out there among the iOS version of the message however it’d be terribly shocking if it wasn’t offered to mechanical man users additionally. At the moment, we have a tendency to don’t understand once this might happen.

Change Allegiance

To take advantage of the new import practicality, you wish to use a minimum of version seven.4 of the messaging app. you will transfer the latest version of the app from the App Store. With message updated, follow sequent steps to import your messages from WhatsApp:

  • Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone or iPad and open a chat merely|that you just simply need to manu over to the message
  • Tap the name of the cluster or contact you are chatting with, then click to “Export chat”
  • In the iOS share sheet that seems, choose a message
  • Select AN existing discussion or conversation to import or choose the selection to create a replacement one
  • Repeat this Amazing trick for all remaining chats, and you may be able to full use of the message.

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