Xbox Will Not Support Android Apps At This Time

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Microsoft is currently working to integrate Android apps into Windows 11. Although this feature will not be available by the launch of Windows 11 next month. It was confirmed that Xbox will not Support Android Apps in a listing in the Microsoft Store.

The Microsoft Store listing was simply called Windows Subsystem For Android. This refers to the Windows Subsystem Linux that runs native Linux binary executables. It also suggests that Microsoft may bring Android apps to Xbox. The Redmond-based software company has not yet been officially announced.

However, Microsoft isn’t likely to allow Android apps on the Xbox. Microsoft stated that at this time, at least not right now to WindowsCentral. This means that, although this rumor seemed promising at the time. It is unlikely that Xbox consoles will soon be running Android games.

While Google has tried to adapt Android apps for larger screens like TVs and tablets. Some Android apps aren’t optimized for such large screens. There is also the question of whether Xbox gamers would like to be able to access mobile games on their consoles. Microsoft is currently focusing on core Xbox games in order to develop Xbox Game Pass. This strategy leaves little room for Android apps on a console.

Other complications exist, such as the possibility of separate Xbox stores. Then there are the questions of revenue distribution. Companies like Google and Apple have come under fire for their parts, 30% of all sales. Microsoft doesn’t want console platforms to get the same attention as software sales.

Xbox not Support Android Apps
Xbox did not Support Android Apps

Focus On Windows 11

Microsoft has been working hard to integrate Android apps into Windows 11 during this time, but no deadline has been set. The Amazon Appstore will power Android apps for Windows 11. They will also be listed in the Microsoft Store. Users will soon be able to discover Android apps in Microsoft Stores and then download them from the Amazon Appstore. Imagine being able to record and upload a TikTok video or using Khan Academy Kids to learn virtual skills right from your computer. In the coming months, we will share more details about this experience. We are looking forward to the partnership with Amazon, Intel, and Microsoft using the Intel Bridge technology Microsoft initially announced.

Windows 11 will begin rolling out to eligible devices on October 5. However, Android app support won’t be available at launch. Microsoft has confirmed that the feature will be available to Windows 11 users in the future, but no specifics have been given. The feature will most likely be made available to Insiders within the next few months.

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