Windows 11 is currently testing major changes to the Taskbar

The taskbar in Windows 11 has been a controversial feature. Microsoft’s Windows 11 Insider Preview (Build 26158) is now available in the Dev channel. It might restore some of the old taskbars features some may appreciate.

This preview release features several changes to the Windows 11 Taskbar user interface, including the reintroduction and renaming of the search bar. This feature was previously well-known in Windows 10.

Since then, it has been an optional feature in Windows 11. Microsoft has released a preview version of the software to allow developers to give feedback and test different design options in order for future updates. Although there is no guarantee that it will become a permanent Windows 11 update for all users, developer feedback will be crucial in determining if it does make it to other Insider Previews or the general public.

Notification Badges in Windows 11

Microsoft also experimented with notification badges in Windows 11, its Widgets section. Notification badges can be used as an alert or notification for different Widgets such as weather. Notification badges will not be made permanent in Windows 11.

A number of previously tested features under the Windows Insider Program have been made public in Windows 11. Microsoft released an April update, including features like Focus, Do Not Disturb, and Legends Live that were previously tested through the Windows Insider beta and developer programs.

Window 11 Taskbar
Window 11 Taskbar

Additional Advanced Features

Focus and Do Not Disturb help users focus on their tasks. Concentration “minimizes visual distractions” and “reduces desktop clutter”. Focus allows you to track and personalize your Focus experience with Do Not Disturb.

For people who are hearing impaired, and for language learners, live captioning can be a very useful accessibility feature. This function can also be used in conjunction with other applications and online audio. This function is particularly useful for video streaming sites.

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