Windows 11 Adoption is booming after months of stagnation

Microsoft has recently completed the release of the rollout of Windows 11, with the operating system now accessible to all devices that are eligible. It is not surprising that after many months of stagnation this change has resulted in a rise in Windows 11 adoption figures.

The latest information from AdDuplex confirms that Microsoft’s latest operating system is running on 23.1 percent of Windows devices. This is a huge leap from the previous report released in April that revealed that only 19.4 percent of computers had Microsoft’s latest operating system.

It’s been almost nine years in the past since Windows 11 officially launched, with beta and preview versions out for even more time. The fact that it only reached 23.1 percent in this time is quite slow but could be an important pivotal moment. These figures are good for Microsoft but in the same way, they also demonstrate how Windows 10 continues to top the list of choices.

Version 21H2 from Windows 10, for example, has a percentage of 38.2 percent. The next on the list is the version 21H1 which comes with Windows 10 with 23.9%.

A minimum of 0.8 percent of devices are compatible using preview editions that are part of Windows 11.

Window 11 Stagnation
Window 11 Stagnation (Window 10, 11 OS)

A Brand New Windows 11 feature update is coming soon

Microsoft is also preparing to launch a brand fresh Windows 11 feature update after the company decided to go with the RTM version for the eagerly anticipated release.

In the case of Windows 10, this version of the operating system will be supported until the end of October 2025. It will be supported with a brand new feature update that will, in all likelihood, include only minor changes, anticipated in the coming months.

” For customers operating a computer that can’t be upgraded and aren’t quite ready to move to a new computer, Windows 10 is the best option. We’ll continue to support Windows 10 until October 14, 2025. We also revealed that our next Windows 10 feature update will be released later in the year. Whatever you decide to do we’re here to support you and allow you to make a choice regarding your computer journey,” Microsoft said during the initial Windows 11 announcement.

Windows 10 continues to be an excellent choice

Windows 10 will therefore continue to be an operating system that holds significant market share because certain devices aren’t permitted to be upgraded. at some point, this could restrict the growth opportunities for Windows 11.

One of the issues in updating to the latest operating system lies with Windows 11’s minimal system requirements, which are stricter than the prior updates. When people upgrade to the latest Windows desktops and laptops, the rate that they adopt Windows 11 adoption will accelerate because newer PCs tend to have more compatibility. Actually, the latest PCs already have Windows 11.

Although Windows 11 may not be the same as Windows 10, it should soon surpass Windows 7, finally removing the embarrassing impression of Windows 8’s inequity.

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