WhatsApp Community Could Be The App’s Next Social Component.

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With more than two billion users who use the service. WhatsApp has quickly become one of the most popular communications tools of the moment. Users use it to chat with one another as well as to conduct official business as well group calls and chats.

Another possible use of WhatsApp is during an event of sport or another significant event is happening. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fantastic goal or a huge mistake on the field using a mobile. Or whatever other happening that people are interested in talking about it via text messages. A new study suggests that WhatsApp may help in the search for people who share similar interests through a new feature known as Community.

XDA Developers took apart the APK of WhatsApp for Android and revealed details about the Community feature. Although the APK teardown does not reveal any details about the features. However, it does suggest that the feature known as Community will be integrated with Groups and use similar code.

While not certain, XDA specifies that the Community function may be the social network feature within WhatsApp. It’s similar to how Facebook groups operate. The community could have multiple groups within it.

It could be a feature that allows admins can host replies to a thread. Similar to how Telegram lets users send messages with its own messages channels.

WhatsApp Community
WhatsApp Community

Create Discussion Threads

At the moment, this is just speculation. WhatsApp hasn’t spoken about the development of the feature. Furthermore one of the biggest publicizers in the world of WhatsApp functions. WABetaInfo has yet to make any announcements about the feature. Keep in mind that removing the APK doesn’t mean this feature will become a new update in the near future. as it’s not yet in use or even tested. developers may decide to remove the feature at any time.

In no way is it a doubt that the aim for this community WhatsApp Community is to serve as an addition to existing groups that are already in WhatsApp but it is obvious that Facebook is working on new features which will enable users to interact more efficiently.

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