Twitter Users Can Now Delete Followers Without Their Knowledge

Among the many features, it was tested and released this year. Twitter now gives its users the ability to gain more control. Who follow their accounts without taking drastic action or attracting unwanted attention. Indeed, the latest feature of Twitter is Twitter delete followers currently deployed for all users of the social media platform. This new feature called a “  soft block  ”, allows Twitter users to remove a follower without having to block the person.

The follower that you remove from your list is not notified that it has been deleted. However, your old follower has the option of following you again. It has started to be rolled out for web users, as the platform announced from the Twitter Assistance account.

Twitter is largely a public platform; if users can set their profile as private, it drastically limits the number of people who will see their content. In contrast, leaving a public account allows anyone to see its content. And the only way to prevent this Twitter delete followers is to use the new blocking tool.

Twitter Increase Security Setup

The “  soft block  ” feature is one of a series of new and upcoming Twitter features that provide users with increased security as well as the ability to choose how they want to interact with other users.

Access to this feature is fairly straightforward. All you have to do is go to your own profile, click on subscribers. Then on the three dots, and select the option “Delete this follower“. If you are concerned that your ex-subscriber will be notified. That he has been deleted, that actually will not be the case.

Twitter Delete Followers Setup
Twitter Delete Followers Setup

According to a report from The Verge, the “  soft block  ” feature is different from the traditional blocking option in that “  it allows a user to still see your tweets and send you direct messages, but they will not see your tweets. tweets on your feed  ”. The feature also gives the person you deleted the option to follow you again.

Twitter’s Efforts To Tackle Abuse and Harassment

The new “  soft block  ” feature put in place for Internet users is described by The Verge as “  Twitter’s latest feature aimed at giving users more control over their experience on the platform in order to help reduce abuse and harassment  ”. The report cites Twitter’s “Safe Mode” feature as another example of this effort. Twitter started testing this new feature last month.

Security Mode “  temporarily blocks abusive accounts  ”. According to the report, there is no specific date for the full deployment of this feature to users.

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