Twitter Is Accepting Verification Requests Again

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About a month after its last hiatus, Twitter re-opened its public verification tool. Allowing anyone with a Twitter account to apply for their own little blue badge. At first, not all users will see the option to request verification. But Twitter specifies that those who don’t see it yet should continue to verify.

Twitter checks are used to confirm that the person behind an account is who they say they are. Once verified, the user’s account is given a small blue badge that lets other users know that their identity has been confirmed. Helping to avoid issues like scammers masquerading as celebrities or personalities popular policies.

The verification process has had a very checkered history; Following criticism of a white supremacist who had been verified, Twitter shut down its public verification process for years. Choosing instead to verify accounts, behind the scenes based on its own criteria. At the end of last year, things changed with the promise of the return of public audits.

That promise was kept with the launch of public checks at the start of the summer, but it took a few weeks for Twitter to pause them again. The most recent hiatus came in mid-August, shortly after Twitter mistakenly verified a fake account attributed to author Cormac McCarthy.

A Decried Process

In its latest update on the subject, the Verified Twitter account revealed that the company is “  setting up access to request a blue badge  .” The request system can be found in the settings menu of your Twitter account. Twitter’s verification criteria are that an account must be “genuine, notable, and active,”. But public perception of verification has always been a bit more ambiguous, sparking controversy around the program.

For starters, there are many instances of truly notable and influential people who have not been verified. Some users, on the other hand, see verification as something of prestige. Indicating that verified individuals are somehow better than the rest of the Twitter population, and therefore want to be verified just for the fun of it. Others see it as a mark of reliability, rather than just notoriety. It hasn’t been easy for Twitter to keep everyone happy, but its discontinuous, uncoordinated approach to all of the activity doesn’t help much.

The company says that if you don’t have access to this tool yet, keep checking your account settings to see when it will arrive.

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