The OnePlus 9 Series Will Receive a Politician Two Year Warranty

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After a variety of leaks and rumors, we finally saw OnePlus announce the launch date for the OnePlus 9 series last week. The OnePlus 9 series also because the OnePlus Watch will arrive on March 23.

Now, company CEO Pete Lau has announced that OnePlus 9 devices will get a two-year warranty service rather than the standard one-year term.

Lau made the announcement on Weibo, saying the move could “offend the industry.” This is often because most smartphone manufacturers offer a one-year warranty service, which is that the industry standard, for his or her devices. However, OnePlus 9 users are going to be ready to enjoy a doubled duration compared to the quality duration of 1 year.

The CEO made the choice to supply a two-year warranty service because he believes that subsequent devices shouldn’t only lead the industry in terms of products but even be the simplest in terms of service. additionally, Lau said that numerous surveys have found that the replacement cycle for flagship devices is around two years.

A 2-year replacement Cycle

He, therefore, wants OnePlus 9 users to profit from a politician warranty service throughout the life cycle of their devices. there’s no information on whether this service is going to be exclusive to China or whether it’ll apply globally.

Now, that’s a move only OnePlus could make, because the company relies heavily on its community and their feedback. The Chinese giant has also announced that it’ll include a charger within the box of the OnePlus 9, which has apparently become a rare case lately.

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