The Google TV app Now soon work as a remote control.!

The Google TV app on Android Devices may soon have a built-in remote control for Connected Android TV devices, Reported By XDA Developers. This app functionality was discovered in the code for version 4.25 of the Android app only.

Buy, it should be noted that this new feature is not accessible to everyone but an updated version may release for all. According to the google screenshots, the UI of the Google TV remote control is quite minimal and there are no unnecessary elements. Activating this feature reveals a seemingly unfinished interface, built around a large D-pad.

Indeed, this simple D-pad is coupled to a circular button in the center, which is probably the “Enter” button. Around this circular button, there are arrow buttons on all four sides. These buttons will help you navigate the Android TV user interface on your connected smart TV. The remote control does not offer any other buttons. It’s not clear whether or not Google is adding a few more buttons once the Google TV remote goes live for everyone.

To be able to connect the Google TV remote, you must first pair your smart TV with the mobile app. A list of available and supported TVs will be displayed once you start the connection process.

In addition, to connect your TV, you must enter the 4-digit PIN code displayed on your smart TV in the app. Once the connection is established, you can easily control your smart TV using the Google TV remote control function. As for the list of supported devices, it’s too early to say anything just yet.

The Android TV application Will disappeared

The discovery of the new code coincides with a new push from google news to update and modernize its smart tv software/apps. Last year the company released the Chromecast with a new google tv interface for the operating system, and this software is also available this year as a built-in operating system for smart TVs. As part of this launch, Google has also renamed its play movies & tv app to google tv on android (for now, on ios, it still appears as google play movies & tv).

Technically, Google already has an android tv app on ios and android that offers this feature, but neither version has been updated in years. This offers an android tv remote control app through the play store that allows you to connect your smartphone to your tv and act as a remote control. I wouldn’t be surprised if both versions were dropped if the feature was built into the google tv app.

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