The Dev Version Of Microsoft Edge IS Full Of New Features

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If you like to be on the cutting edge of browser evolution, using browsers under development is a great way to see what’s on the horizon. Often times that means getting a glimpse of one or two features that will pop up to a stable version of a browser later, but the latest version of  Microsoft Edge has made a lot of it available to you so you can explore it.

Of course, there are the usual tweaks and bug fixes, but what’s impressive about Edge 88.0.705.9 on the Insider Program Dev channel is the number of new features that have been added. Windows, macOS, and Linux users can all benefit from it.

Some of the more interesting new options are about passwords. In the latest Dev version, Edge can not only generate new passwords for you but now you also have the ability to copy and change the passwords you saved in the browser.

Improvements have been made to the History menu so that you can now choose to have an icon appear next to the address bar and see all available tabs in recently closed windows. History can now be pinned to the side of the browser window, just like you can for Favorites.

For all those who use Edge under macOS, this new development version sees the arrival of the “picture in picture” mode, which allows you to watch videos in a floating window while continuing to browse the Internet. Microsoft will offer this option on other platforms in due course.

Currently on the Dev version

Users of non-Windows platforms have the option to add text notes to PDFs, and the deployment of the search sidebar is now complete, which means the feature should be available to everyone. Other changes include the arrival of price comparison capabilities on the coupons page and improvements to the layout of cookie settings and site permissions.

If you want to try out everything the Edge developers have been working on, you need to download the latest browser version. You can download this experimental version of the browser by signing up for the Microsoft Edge Insider program, and you can run it along with the major version in case you find it a bit problematic or unstable.

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