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What to Expect from Apple’s Keynote Later Today

The day has finally come for Apple to show the world what it has been working on for the last year. The Keynote is expected to be packed full of new products, and a radically new iPhone. Here’s what you need to know.

Apple Confirms September 12th Event, Hints towards iPhone 8

Last Thursday, Apple officially sent out invites to the press for a September 12th keynote. The keynote has been rumored for months, and it is now officially confirmed. Here’s everything you need to know.

$200,000 for Fixing a Bug in Apple's Products?

Apple announced late last week that it will be launching a bounty program that will offer cash in return for undiscovered security flaws in its products. The program will launch in September and will be invite only to begin. This is the first time Apple has run a program paying for security tips, but the company has been known to pay in the past.


Apple TV (4th Generation): Full Review

Last October Apple unveiled a long overdue refresh to its Apple TV. The update brought a slightly redesigned box-top, a completely new remote, and a fresh user interface. The 4th generation product comes in a 32gb and 64gb model starting at $149.99. Coming from a 1st generation Apple TV the refresh was long overdue and well worth the wait