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Why Your Digital Data is so Valuable

In the age of an ever-expanding digital world the public is beginning to hear more reports of large companies misusing and mishandling sensitive, private consumer data than ever before. What could possibly be so valuable about the information that a company or service is collecting on you? Why should consumers be more concerned and why are the wrong questions still being asked?

Let’s dive in.

Weaponized Ransomware Cripples the Globe, Again

Just of the heels from a global pandemic from Wannacry in May, the world is experiencing another ransomware attack. This attack started early Tuesday and spread to computer systems around the world. The attack seemed to focus on Europe, Ukraine in particular, and then spread to systems across the world, causing the world’s second large scale ransomware attack in as many months.

Gmail Will No Longer Read Your Emails for Tailored Ads

Have you ever looked up a product you are looking to buy, and just moments later that same product is conveniently located in an ad before a YouTube video or in your Gmail inbox? I guarantee that anyone who uses Gmail, which is going to be a large percentage of the population, has experienced this at one point or another. This is because Google reads your emails to create personalized ads tailored to your needs, but this will soon be changing, in a way.