Proton Unlimited is the private alternative to Google One

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ProtonVPN, as well as ProtonMail, are two highly-rated privacy tools (the latter is among the most effective VPNs). They’re now available as a bundle with Proton’s other offerings for a lower price.

Proton has updated its offerings over the last couple of months. With the goal to bring everything together in one place. The brand new proton. My website was launched the last month. Sporting a new logo and purple icons and today Proton has announced a fresh “Proton Unlimited” subscription that gives you everything within one subscription.

Proton Unlimited includes 500 GB of cloud storage shared with other users with access to over 1800 VPN servers. Spread across more than 60 countries, as well as up fifteen email addresses and unlimited labels/folders within Proton Mail. Along with all the paid-for features of Proton Calendar, Proton Drive, and more. If you sign up for a yearly subscription for the service, you pay the sum of 9.99 per month. It is also available as a month-to-month ($11.99/month) or two-year ($7.99/month) choice.

This plan is in essence Google One’s own version of Proton. However, it offers more privacy-friendly options as compared to those offered by organizations such as Google as well as Microsoft.

Proton is determined to build an entire privacy-focused ecosystem of tools. That will be updated with the latest features, and news updates to come shortly.

Proton VPN Plus

Privacy is our priority

A complete Desktop sync application with support for Proton Drive is expected before the time of the year’s end, together with native support in Proton VPN for third-party WireGuard clients as well as additional messaging features.

Proton Unlimited replaces previous Proton Mail and VPN bundles. Proton is still selling the majority of its services on its own mail Plus is $3.99/month, while Proton VPN Plus costs $4.99/month Mail Plus is $3.99/month with 15GB of storage as well as the majority of email features and features, while Proton VPN Plus can be priced at $4.99/month. It has increased VPN rates in May.

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