Plex could offer the Apple TV app within the future

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Plex surprised its users by quietly introducing a replacement Apple TV app integration, allowing users to observe its free movies and television shows within the Apple TV app. Before you get too excited, take note: the feature doesn’t work with content you’ve got on your local server, which suggests it’s limited to the titles that Plex streams.

Plex is best referred to as a private server platform that permits users to simply access and stream videos that they need saved to an area disk drive . The app has grown significantly in recent months, however, adding things like podcasts and free streaming movies TV shows from major studios.

Plex users recently noticed that the newest beta includes the choice to link the platform to Apple TV. This way, users are going to be ready to view the free streaming titles available on Plex within the Apple TV app, additionally to content from their other streaming apps like Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney.

As 9to5Mac first acknowledged , a Plex employee provided some clarification on the mixing during a discuss Reddit, explaining why the link between the 2 platforms is restricted to streaming content on-demand. In other words, Apple should receive an inventory of content as a part of this feature.

Not for local content

By virtue of its privacy policy, Plex doesn’t know what content users store on their personal servers, which suggests that it’s unable to supply that content to Apple. Therefore, integration is restricted to on-demand streaming content from Plex, an inventory of which may be provided to Apple.

Integration is restricted to the Plex beta app at this point . Apple TV app integration would require Plex app version 7.14 or later, which is currently in beta testing. there’s no timeline for a consumer release yet.

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