Plex Arcade offers Streaming Atari Retro Games

Plex, a corporation that began as to how to stream your personal media collection from a computer or your own server, is now far more complicated to explain. In recent years, the corporate has added live TV support, streaming movie and television show service, podcast support, and other features.

Today, Plex is additionally entering the sports streaming business. the corporate launched Plex Arcade, a subscription service that allows you to stream a set of old Atari games, but you’ll add your own ROMs also. Indeed, rather than that specialize in modern games for consoles or smartphones like its competitors, Plex allows you to play Atari games. a complete of 27 games are available on the service.

Unlike game streaming services from Google, Microsoft, and NVIDIA, Plex Arcade doesn’t stream games from the cloud. It works in an equivalent way as Plex’s media streaming service: you found out a Plex server on a PC that’s always running, then you’ll stream to any supported device.

However, within the case of Plex Arcade, there are a couple of limitations. you’ll need a Plex server running on a PC or Mac. Linux isn’t supported. And you’ll only be ready to stream games by streaming:

  • Android TV smartphones, tablets, and televisions
  • iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV

Chrome Browser

These limitations are thanks to the very fact that Plex has partnered with Parsec to power the service, and Parsec doesn’t support Linux. and therefore the reason it is a subscription service is that it comes with access to a set of licensed Atari games.

Too High a Price!

According to Plex, virtually any Bluetooth-enabled gamepad should work with the service, or if you’re playing on a touchscreen device, you’ll use onscreen controllers.

Prices start at 3 per month for Plex Pass members. If you do not have a Plex Pass membership, you will have to pay 5 to access Plex Arcade, which seems really expensive for what’s 27 games from four decades ago. a minimum of there is a 7-day free trial. Plex acknowledges that Plex Arcade could be a touch of a troublesome project to sell, which is why the corporate is launching it as some kind of experiment to ascertain if there’s any interest within the platform. If enough people check-in the corporate could also be ready to expand its current offering. Otherwise, Plex may remove that product from its catalog.

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