PlayStation: 5 Will Get SSD Expandable Storage Support!

The PlayStation 5 surpassed the PS4 with faster storage, a replacement controller, and better graphics. But, there’s one thing the new console lacks: fast, expandable storage. it’s like Sony might finally enable this feature in an upcoming PS5 update. As a reminder, Sony’s next-gen console was launched with an expandable slot, but it had been unusable.

According to a Bloomberg report, Sony will enable the PS5’s M.2 SSD expandable drive bay and better fan speeds by mid-year this may allow users to put in M.2 SSDs within the console to extend the 825 GB already onboard Updating the fan speed will help the console dissipate excess heat generated, too.

While 825GB seems quite enough on paper, it is a challenge for those that play current titles. The user only has around 667 GB, with new games regularly breaking the 100 GB mark. This double-edged sword means PS5 owners are more limited within the number of titles they will install. realistically.

The PS5 supports slower, spinning USB drives, but only older titles are often installed and run from them. If you would like to play PS5 titles, you would like to put them on Sony’s custom internal disk. it’s not certain that the PlayStation will accept M.2 SSDs from all manufacturers but it’s likely that they’re going to need to match or compared to the speed and specifications of Sony’s PS5 discs.

A Shortlist of PlayStation SSDs?

Indeed, increasing internal storage won’t come cheap. The PS5 is merely compatible with Sony-certified NVMe SSDs, but the corporate has not confirmed which out-of-the-box NVMe SSDs will work with the console, and lots of are expensive. we all know that the PS5’s drive uses an NVMe PCIe Gen 4 M.2 SSD, capable of 5.5 GB s bandwidth, so any expandable internal SSD will be got to have equivalent (if not better) performance.

Separately, Sony in the week hosted a State of Play on the PlayStation 5, which revealed new games like Sufi and Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Intergrade.

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