OPPO Could Completely Hide The Rear Camera of a Smartphone!

Chinese smartphone maker OPPO is understood for its innovative designs. the corporate recently introduced a rollable smartphone and an entire series of foldable smartphones.

The company didn’t hesitate to experiment with the planning of the cameras and when other smartphone brands began to introduce smartphones with a retractable camera, OPPO introduced one with a camera.

Continuing the trend, OPPO filed a patent for a replacement pop-up camera module that, if OPPO manages to urge it out, would allow the corporate to cover all of its cameras on the rear of the phone.

This patent was granted to OPPO at the top of last year and, consistent with LetsGoDigital, this smartphone will have a dual camera that will display when needed. this suggests that the corporate can confirm that there’s no camera on the rear of the smartphone in the least times.

While we have seen smartphones with retractable cameras, the planning OPPO intends to realize is slightly different. consistent with the patent, the corporate wants to put two photosensors (ideally a primary sensor and an ultra-wide sensor) inside the smartphone chassis.

Rear Camera of a Smartphone

How is that this getting to work? The pop-up module itself wouldn’t house the photosensors. Rather, it might have two prisms (using mirrors) that point to either side of the device, allowing users to capture a selfie or image from the rear of the smartphone when the pop-up module has emerged.

These prisms are going to be placed in such how that light from outside is reflected onto the sensor, and from there the knowledge is going to be read and processed. this technique is somewhat analogous thereto of the periscope-type camera with which many smartphones are equipped and which offers impressive telescopic zoom functions, all encased during a tiny module.

A simple patent

As this is often a patent, the small print, and practical applications aren’t yet clear, but it’s like both prisms are often wont to capture a picture, which suggests it could work as a dual setup. camera.

Obviously, it’s not certain that this camera module will ever leave the test labs and find yourself during a smartphone that you simply can purchase. If so, it might be a really interesting implementation and will allow OPPO to introduce bold new smartphone designs.

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