OnePlus CEO PeteLau Has Confirmed About New Watch!

As this year draws to a close very soon, OnePlus has already started talking about its plans for 2021. The Chinese giant will certainly launch its flagship OnePlus 9 range, as well as new Nord smartphones. But, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has confirmed that OnePlus’ first smartwatch will finally be launched early next year as well.

CEO of OnePlus

If there was a product on which OnePlus could have turned around, it would be the one that we can wear on our wrist. Although it still lacks a smart speaker and, almost ironically, a tablet, rumors do not abound in this direction today. However, from its inception, OnePlus had already hinted at a smartwatch, but it was dropped before it even saw the light of day. These rumors resurfaced a few months ago, only to be extinguished once again. However, this week the CEO of OnePlus is finally and officially setting the record straight – no pun intended.

Pete Lau: Announced on Twitter

OnePlus will finally make a connected watch in 2021, its CEO, Pete Lau, announced on Twitter, marking the first foray into the wearable market for the mobile company. There aren’t many details on the future watch just yet, including the smartwatch’s operating system, a price, or even a firm release date – Lau only notes that it”  will be released at the start of the year. “next ”. What does that mean? Well, you can expect the OnePlus Watch (or whatever it’s called) to launch alongside the OnePlus 9 series in 2021.

As said above, the idea of ​​an OnePlus smartwatch, potentially launched as the OnePlus Watch, is not new. Indeed, the company reportedly designed a Wear OS smartwatch (then still called Android Wear) in 2014, during the heyday of smartwatches. “ We had finished the design, but we still decided to abandon it, ” Lau said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.“  We have to be focused ”. But, it was then that OnePlus grew in leaps and bounds and manufactured much more than smartphones.

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