OneDrive is Finally Going Dark on The Web Mode

Dark modes are the new must-have feature of apps, and because the world’s leading software company, Microsoft obviously couldn’t ignore this trend. That’s why the corporate has worked hard to include a dark mode into every small app it produces, from Windows 10 to its mobile apps. As you almost certainly already know, Windows 10 itself already comes with a dark mode, as does Microsoft’s Edge browser, which is now supported by the Chromium engine and is that the new feature of the OS.

But, Microsoft doesn’t want to limit this update to only apps on desktops and mobile devices, therefore the company has started performing on introducing a dark mode in its web services. As you almost certainly already know if you employ OneDrive, official apps already accompany dark mode no matter the platform.

Hello, Dark Mode in OneDrive!

But one place where OneDrive lacked such visual flair was online. And now it’s like Microsoft is functioning to remedy this example, as a recent report indicates. Specifically, Microsoft has started rolling out a dark mode for OneDrive online, which suggests users who access their cloud-stored files during a browser should now be ready to switch to a dark theme. You can activate the new mode directly from the settings screen by clicking on the gear icon within the upper right corner.

There’s now a replacement dark mode within the settings menu, and one-click is enough to activate this visual style. The feature is now being unrolled gradually to users around the world, so if you do not see it yet, try again in a few minutes.

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