Netflix introduces Squid Game: The Challenge A reality TV show

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Netflix recently revealed it has confirmed that Squid Game Season 2 is on the way. It is the growing popularity of the Korean TV show that has made it the most-watched show on Netflix. Profiting from the same phenomenon, Netflix just announced Squid Game. The Challenge, the reality show that boasts “the biggest cast and a cash prize”.

Netflix has announced it will be launching Squid Game. The Challenge will be a brand new reality television series available on its OTT platform. 456 contestants will be registered for the contest in hopes of winning a “life-changing” prize of 4.56 million dollars. which is roughly 4.3 million euros.

The reality show will comprise games that are based on Squid Game’s original Squid Game series and people must compete for the chance to take on new challenges. However, in contrast to the tragic nature of the television show. If a player does not win a game in a reality TV show. The consequences of the reality television show will be being eliminated from the game without a cash prize.

Netflix is now searching for contestants across the globe and those who are interested can go to to register. The game is seeking people who speak English. The Teaser Video is below.

Brandon Riegg, Netflix’s Vice President of Unscripted Series and Documentaries. Stated, ” Squid Game has become a global sensation with director Hwang’s compelling story and iconic imagery. We appreciate their help in transforming the world of fiction into reality in this huge contest along with a social and political experiment. The fans of the drama will be treated to an exciting and thrilling journey. As our 456 contestants from the real world participate in the most intense competition series ever. The series is packed with tension with twists, turns, and surprises with the highest prize in cash to be won, never to be claimed “.

Netflix introduces Squid Game 2022

Before season 2

It is a 10-episode series co-produced through Studio Lambert and The Garden. The show will be shot in the UK. But other information, such as the air date is unclear. We’re waiting for more information and will keep you updated.

Meanwhile, Squid Game Season 2 is scheduled to debut in 2023 or 2024, with new characters, fresh twists, and much more. Netflix has teased only about the potential arrival of the television series, and the specifics are not known.

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