Microsoft might finally decide to stop using HDDs for the good

According to a report released by the analytics firm Trendfocus which was published via Tom’s Hardware. Microsoft may be preparing to end HDDs from its list of storage devices (HDDs). As one of the main storage components for PCs that run Windows 11.

If Microsoft decides to go ahead with its plans, people could begin to see Solid State Drives (SSDs). Instead except for dual-drive gaming laptops and desktop PCs which need multiple kinds. Storage, according to point out from Tom’s Hardware.

While Microsoft did not make any comments on the matter. But current trends point towards an entire market shift to SSD in 2023. Many PC makers already utilize SSD to store data as their first choice. But it’s still not an accepted standard, particularly in the emerging markets.

Windows 11 PCs to be equipped with SSDs in 2023

Trendforce claims that Microsoft has been pushing internal to push internally for SSD. To be the main storage standard for computers that run Windows 11. But, the company hasn’t established any standards for laptop or computer manufacturers to comply with.

Tom’s Hardware noted that Windows 11 requires that PCs be running a minimum of 64GB memory for installation. But did not mention the type of hard drive. Of course, the operating system is available since October for devices. That has mechanical hard disk drives (HDD) as well as an SSD.

However, the article asks whether Microsoft requires Windows 11 PCs to be equipped with SSDs in 2023 would result in an outline of the minimum specifications for computers in general and, in addition. Whether manufacturers of devices would be punished for not adhering. This list.

There is no date for a Definitive Agreement Yet

In the end, analysts say that Microsoft’s actions have been prompted by economic concerns and SSDs being more expensive per piece than HDDs. With the PC pandemic decreasing and the cost of computer parts rising due to inflation. The manufacturers aren’t sure about their impact on the global economic situation and business.

Trendfocus Vice President John Chen told Tom’s Hardware that 2023 has not been set as an exact date for the transition to SSDs. Discussions with Microsoft include delay of the transition for developing markets till 2024, or stopping the transition to desktops until that point.

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