Microsoft is Now Working On the New “One-Outlook” Application!!

After Microsoft fixed the browser problem by migrating Microsoft Edge to the Chromium engine the same one found in Chrome, the software giant is now planning to address another flaw in its desktop operating system.

Outlook App For Windows 10

Windows 10 will soon be getting a new Outlook app for Windows 10, and this time it would be based on Outlook on the web. The report comes from WindowsCentral, which says a preview version of the new app would go live later this year for Insider program members, and the public launch could take place in 2022.

Known by the code name Monarch and “One Outlook” the app is a new version of Outlook designed for big-screen experiences  ,” according to a leaked version of the app. While the app will not be functional without an internal Microsoft account, the “One Outlook” app will replace the desktop (win32 and UWP) versions of Outlook, Outlook Web Access (OWA), and the macOS desktop client.

Microsoft currently offers two different desktop email clients for Windows 10 users, namely the Mail app which comes preloaded with the operating system and the Outlook app which is part of the Office productivity suite. But on the other hand, it’s no secret that the default mail app still leaves a lot to be desired, although it doesn’t necessarily lack features compared to the full version of Outlook.

Microsoft is working on the new “One Outlook” application

The messaging app in maintenance mode, However, at this point, Microsoft would have put the Mail app into maintenance mode, which means you shouldn’t expect massive improvements anytime soon. While improvements to the Mail app user interface are still expected later this year, the range of features is expected to remain largely unchanged as the focus is now on this new Outlook-based email client. on the Web. The application is codenamed “Project Monarch”, and Microsoft’s goal is to deliver a unified experience across all platforms. , including Windows and non-Windows operating systems.

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