Microsoft Edge To offer New Personalization Settings With Themes

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Microsoft is bringing a whole new set of customization options to Edge, allowing you to completely customize the look of your browser.
Software developers have gradually added the beloved dark mode options to an endless stream of apps, but the Microsoft browser is getting more colorful with Edge. In future versions of the browser, it will be possible to choose from a wide range of themes to help create a personalized look.
The new options follow Chrome’s lead, letting you choose from no less than 14 color-based themes, and download even more styles from the Chrome Web Store. The similarity of the approach is due to the fact that Edge is now based on the same Chromium engine as Google’s browser.
The choices available in Edge without having to venture into a shop are: Morning Fog, Ice Mint, Island Getaway, Cool Breeze, Silk Rose, Bubblegum, Sunny Day, Mango Paradise, Dark and Stormy, Tilt Sweet, Moonlight Glow, Juicy Plum, Spicy Red, and Mystic Forest. Like paint names in hardware stores, not all of these names give many clues as to what to expect in terms of color, but there is a useful overview to help you make up your mind.

In Test For The Moment

As is often the case with new features like this, Microsoft is testing them on people using preview versions of Edge. If you want to take a look at the new customization options, you need to use the Canary version of Edge 91 or the Dev version of Edge 90. Both of these browser versions are available for download.
To try out the new themes, you must also enable an optional flag. To do this, launch Edge and follow these steps: Visit edge: // flagsSearch for “ Enable picker for color-based themes “Use the drop-down menu to activate the setting by selecting “Enabled” Click on the button to restart the browser. You can now open Edge settings, go to the Appearance section, and you’ll find some new theme options.

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