Microsoft Edge allows users to search for exposed passwords

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Now that Microsoft Edge is finally a mature browser, Microsoft can finally push important updates to users, and keeping our data secure is a top priority for the company.

Microsoft Edge has a Password Monitor integrated with the aim of protecting our passwords and ensure that no identification information has been compromised.

“ Passwords are the metaphorical keys that protect your data on the web, help manage your online accounts, and deliver personalized, engaging experiences. For these same reasons, they are attractive to criminals. Many websites require you to create an account with a password, and many people re-use the same passwords on many sites to make them easier to remember. These sites may inadvertently leak passwords through phishing scams or large-scale data breaches. Passwords can then be exchanged on the dark web and used by criminals to steal accounts,  ” Microsoft explains.

As I have said many times, it is essential that everyone use a password manager to avoid sticking to the same phrase on all websites, and yet far too many people still use the 12456 as the default password, although it is easy to crack with the simplest hacking methods out there.

Microsoft Edge not only helps manage your password and enable more complex phrases for services you sign in using the browser, but it also searches for information online to help you determine if your information is identification were exposed during a breach.

Find The Loopholes

“ To help protect against such attacks, it is essential to identify if any of your passwords are compromised and then update them quickly. This is exactly what Microsoft Edge’s Password Monitor allows you to do, which securely checks all your stored passwords against a repository of passwords known to be compromised and alerts you if a match is found, so you can change them,  ” Microsoft explains.

“We humans are not very good at following good password practices, as many studies have shown. Choosing easy-to-crack passwords and reusing passwords on websites are two common mistakes many of us make. Password Monitor helps protect our accounts even when we make mistakes ”.

An additional feature that comes with the Password Monitor is the ability to scan for leaked passwords, which is really useful if you are concerned that your credentials have been exposed as a result of a breach violation.

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