LG Rollable to launch in 2021, May not use LG Display screen

This week we got our first look at what LG has described as the world’s first rollable smartphone. This device was presented for the first time at CES 2021, the consumer electronics show, the first “fully digital” version of the show because of the pandemic we are still living in. Today, it was reported that this roll-up screen smartphone, the LG Rollable, made by LG will not have a screen made by LG Display.

LG Makes Displays

LG is pretty good at it. The company has been manufacturing displays for all kinds of devices for decades. The futuristic display technology that is central to the success of this first smartphone of its kind seemed like a victory for LG Mobile and LG Display. Sadly, a report from Nikkei Asia appears to dash that expectation.

An industry source familiar with the matter spoke with Nikkei, suggesting that LG will use Chinese tech group BOE to produce rollable displays for its new smartphone. At the same time, it’s not uncommon for a company as large and versatile as LG to work with any company they need to collaborate with to make a product. Samsung does not always use its Exynos processor developed by the LSI division of Samsung Electronics and manufactured by the Foundry division of Samsung Electronics. Indeed, the company also uses Qualcomm to supply chips.

LG’s Mobile Divisions

Apple meanwhile uses a wide variety of partners to create the iPhone, iPad, and other devices. LG’s mobile division does not necessarily have priority over LG Display’s manufacturing capacity as a whole. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. If LG’s roll-up smartphone comes to fruition and becomes a success, will LG go ahead with roll-up panels made by LG Display, or will it continue to knock on BOE’s door? We will see!

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