LG InstaView 2021 is Equipped With a Voice Activated Door!

LG continues to add features to its sleek InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator which launched a few years ago. Next month it will be shown at CES 2021. It is the very latest version, which features a voice-activated door So, if you walk up to the fridge with your grocery bags or if you just want to wow visitors with an improvised magic trick all you have to do is say the words “open the fridge door” and you will have access to everything. products found there.

Reduces Touch Activity

As well as allowing for better hands-free comfort, this feature also reduces touch activity on the refrigerator door, which helps improve hygiene in the home and can help prevent one or two viral infections.

To stay clean, the new InstaView refrigerator will also be equipped with LG’s UVnano technology which helps maintain a hygienic and germ-free water dispensing faucet Introduced in 2017 with a number of LG’s water dispensers, UVnano runs once per hour to kill up to 99.99% of bacteria on the refrigerator faucet The process can also be activated manually with the push of a button.

As with previous LG InstaView refrigerators, a double tap on the transparent glass door illuminates the interior, allowing you to quickly see what’s inside without disturbing the temperature of the refrigerator and potentially activating it. cooling mechanism. The design has been refined for 2021 with the addition of a more immersive tinted glass panel, 23% larger than previous models, providing an even better view of what’s inside.

A High Price?

As the name of the refrigerator confirms, the unit retains the Door-in-Door feature which provides quick access space to help reduce the loss of cold air from its interior.

The refrigerator also features interactive voice technology through the LG ThinQ app, allowing you to ask for the day’s agenda or check the status of its ice and water dispensers. It also incorporates Amazon Dash Replenishment, which allows items such as water filters to be re-ordered automatically after linking an Amazon account to the ThinQ app. LG has yet to reveal the price of its new refrigerator, but don’t expect it to be cheap. We should learn more during LG’s presentation at CES 2021.

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