iPhone 14 Renders Reveal Major Changes for the 2022 Lineup

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Apple is set to lift the veil on the iPhone 13, and while the device is expected with several notable improvements including a smaller notch. Most people are eagerly awaiting the next device refresh due in 2022.

And, that’s because the iPhone 14 will introduce some significant design changes. Including some that have been predicted for several years now.

Renderings released by Front Page Tech give us a first look at these new iPhones, and without a doubt. The first thing everyone notices is the notch’s disappearance. There’s no question that Apple’s dropping of the notch is big news for the future of the iPhone. The big question, then, is where is the Face ID module located if such a change actually occurs.

The renderings show a camera seated in a hole in the screen, but it’s clear. That it can’t be used for Face ID technology components, as they typically take up more space. So either Apple has found a way to make them a lot smaller and therefore fit everything into the top bezel. The company just wants to ditch that system (very unlikely) and jump into Touch ID again.

The fingerprint sensor could therefore return to the iPhone 14 with everything integrated into the glass. An approach that others, including Samsung, have already used on their devices.



In addition to removing the notch, the renderings also reveal. That Apple wants to remove the camera bump entirely and go for round volume buttons like the ones on the iPhone 4 and a titanium frame. This could result in a comparatively thicker smartphone with a higher capacity battery.

The Lightning port is still there, and that’s both good news and bad news. In other words, Apple is not planning to adopt USB-C, but on the other hand, it is also not creating a portless iPhone, so Lightning cables and wired CarPlay will survive for a year. what’s more.

Finally, while the exact colors are not yet known, Prosser says you might expect a gold color option with the iPhone 14. At first glance, the iPhone 14 looks more tempting than the upcoming iPhone 13.

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