Internet Explorer is dead

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It’s June 20, 2022 Patch Tuesday updates are available. This means that Internet Explorer is receiving the most recent security patches prior to being completely removed.

Also that any vulnerabilities or bugs found in Internet Explorer from now on are not going to be addressed. Because Microsoft removes the browser and urges its users to update up to Microsoft Edge.

It is not logical to speak about the past of Internet Explorer. But there was a time when it was the top most popular browser around the globe. But, third-party browsers have advanced in a rapid manner however Internet Explorer hasn’t and so Microsoft’s app has been slowly but surely losing the war.

With the announcement that Microsoft is completely determined toward Microsoft Edge. The company hopes that the move away from Internet Explorer won’t be as difficult as it appears.

Microsoft provides a specific IE mode within Microsoft Edge and users can still use specific websites using this mode of compatibility.

Internet Explorer is dead

Good Riddance

” If you’re a user of Internet Explorer at home. We recommend your upgrade to Microsoft Edge prior to July 15, 2022, to begin enjoying a faster and more secure experience, as well as a more modernized browsing experience,” Microsoft said . in a prior announcement. ” The good news is that it’s likely that you already have it installed on your device. Find “Microsoft Edge” by using Microsoft Edge using the Windows 10 search box or search to the symbol.

If you do not have it, you can download it from here. We’ve also tried ways to make the transition to Microsoft Edge easier. After you’ve decided to upgrade to Microsoft Edge, it’s easy to transfer your bookmarks, passwords as well as other data from your browser to Internet Explorer with just a couple of clicks. If you happen to stumble upon an internet site that requires. Internet Explorer to open, Microsoft Edge has built-in Internet Explorer mode to allow you to always connect to it .”

It’s time to upgrade to Internet Explorer. But while it was among the most popular browsers around the globe at one point It’s difficult to imagine that many users will not use it.

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