Instagram Users Will Be Required To Enter Their Birthday Information

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Instagram recently announced changes to protect young users. However, these features require that the user know their age. Instagram is asking users to give their birth dates if they haven’t already.

This information can be used to create personalized experiences for users, according to the company. You can ignore it for a short time. however, A few years ago, Instagram started asking its users for their birth dates. Instagram claims that most users have received this information. Users who haven’t verified their age on Instagram will be asked to enter their birth date.

To learn more about Instagram’s request, you can click on the prompt. You can also choose to skip this step by clicking “Not Now”. This offer is only valid for a short time. Instagram will ask for your permission to use the app if you repeatedly decline.

Instagram will require users to enter their birthdate before they can view hidden posts behind a warning screen. This requirement will apply to users who have not yet shared their birthdate with Instagram. Some users may provide a fake date to circumvent age restrictions.

Add Birthday Information
Add Birthday Information

AI Can Detect Fraudsters

Instagram claims that artificial intelligence is used to determine if a user may have a different age than the one they give. If the AI detects an issue in a user’s birth date, Instagram will offer users options to confirm it.

The AI age verification feature is currently in an “early phase” phase. These efforts are part of the company’s ongoing effort to make the platform more secure and user-friendly. Social media has always asked you for your birthday. However, asking for your birthday on social media shows that you need to protect children online and avoid the overwhelming emotions that can accompany it.

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