Huawei EMUI 12 Gives Smartphones a Taste From HarmonyOS 2.0

Huawei quietly revealed a new version of its EMUI software to users all over the globe. EMUI 12 replaces EMUI 11. It offers a more user-friendly interface and many new features. Harmony OS 2.0 inspired the new Android overlay. Huawei will likely bring the new operating system to its existing smartphones. However, the company doesn’t seem ready to abandon EMUI completely.

Huawei continues to produce smartphones and offers its customers its mobile ecosystem, despite all the setbacks. This ecosystem, which is led by HarmonyOS 2.0, Huawei’s in-house smartphone operating system, has been limited to a few dozen devices in China. It is only a fraction of the smartphones she has in her possession. The interim solution was to provide a preview version of HarmonyOS for these phones through a new EMUI 12 upgrade that is soon to be released.

EMUI is the personal Huawei experience that overlays Android. This overlay’s role has become less important with the company’s departure from Android. Huawei will continue to support its Android smartphones and is resolute in doing so.

EMUI 12 is a departure from the Android core aesthetic. Instead, it focuses on visual consistency with HarmonyOS 2.0. It’s not difficult to say that this design is similar to iOS. It has a minimalistic and lightweight design. The control panel is a nod towards the iOS panel, which can be invoked by swiping up from any screen.

EMUI 12 HarmonyOS 2.0
EMUI 12 HarmonyOS 2.0

Functions Devoted To Brand Peripherals

There are many more functions, but primarily they bring Huawei smartphones closer together with the company’s ecosystem. notepad and MateBook buttons allow you to access certain smartphone functions directly from these devices. Huawei MateBook laptops can also access your smartphone files wirelessly using a distributed file system.

Owners of Huawei smartphones that were worried about HarmonyOS 2.0 would lose their devices are now happy to hear this. Huawei has not yet revealed when EMUI 12 would be available and on what smartphones. However, it is most likely that it will be available to global smartphones which won’t be receiving HarmonyOS 2.0.

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