Here is a First Look at The Reactions To WhatsApp Messages

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The new feature of WhatsApp will dramatically improve the user experience by adding something fun and highly entertaining that will forever change the way you react to the app with your family, friends, and colleagues.

A few days ago WhatsApp was spotted working on the reactions to the messages. However, when informant WABetaInfo discovered the feature, it was not yet live and we did not have a chance to preview it. This is no longer the case, as WABetaInfo has now managed to get its hands on the feature on WhatsApp for iOS. The report also contains some information on how message reactions would work on WhatsApp.

It is interesting to note that at this stage of development it is possible to react to a message on WhatsApp using multiple emojis. As you can see in the image shared by WABetaInfo, a post in a thread with a business account has a total of 7 reactions. However, it is highly likely that WhatsApp will limit the number of reactions from a single person in a post to one – just like the reactions of Facebook and Instagram posts.

Plus, it looks like you can choose from all of the supported emojis that WhatsApp has to offer. That way, you can easily express how you’re feeling, unlike Twitter where emoji reaction options are limited and you can’t even react angrily to messages.

WhatsApp Messages Reactions
WhatsApp Messages Reactions

Not Yet Available

It’s also worth mentioning that reactions to posts are not anonymous. Everyone in the chat will be able to see who reacted to a message and the emoji you reacted with. So you will need to exercise caution if you plan to react to posts in serious group chats.

Based on Facebook’s implementation of reactions to posts on Instagram, it can be assumed that long-pressing on a post will bring up the panel with emoji reactions.

As of this writing, WhatsApp’s Message Reaction feature is not available on Android or iOS apps, even in beta versions. We can expect this to change in the coming weeks and months as WhatsApp prepares to roll out such a feature to the general public.

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