Google Transforms Gmail into a Hub To Host Your Meet Calls and Video Chats

Google today announces even more features for Workspace as part of a faster pace of company changes over the past year. Today’s announcement is however a significant milestone. There are still many updates and small improvements to be made, but the most significant change is that Gmail will undergo a redesign that makes it more like Google’s center app. Google Transforms Gmail is the best source of communication.

Email is a necessity in these times. Now Google will make Gmail a hub for video calls and chats. Google has relaunched G Suite under the new name Google Workspace. Now Spaces is available for all users.

All Workspace products are compatible with Spaces including Drive, Docs and Sheets, Calendars, Sheets as well as Meet, Tasks, and Calendar. The goal is to link these products more easily and make it easier to do so, such as when organizing an event that involves planning, organizing, updating, and preparing for presentations. Day of documents.

Already, we have seen how Workspace will merge with Chat. Google claims that a new navigation system, which will allow users to navigate around their workspaces more easily, will be released over the coming months. Administrators and users will be able to set default discovery capabilities.

Google Meet Calls For Meetings

The new search is even more useful. You can search every element of a space. You can also create online discussions threads and set up places in your calendar. This allows you to indicate when you will visit the office and when it will be remote, Daily.

The biggest change however is the introduction in Workspace of Google Meet Calling. Google Transforms Gmail that allows people to have similar conversations in the office, but initially, the focus will be on the ability to receive Google calls. You can meet me in the Gmail mobile application. Chat notifications will be sent to the corresponding parties via their desktop or laptop.

Google states that its ultimate goal is to expand Meetcalls to more places in Workspaces. This includes chats, business cards, and other spaces.

Google Meet Series

New hardware for Workspace is available to help even the playing field between remote workers and those who work in the office. The Series One Desk 27, a 27-inch display and conference device that Google has created in partnership with Avocor, is the all-in-one Series One Desk 27. It can be connected to a laptop via USB-C and provides a longer desktop as well as better audio quality over calls thanks to its microphones and speakers.

For those who have more space, the Series One Board 65, which has a 65-inch 4K LCD display, is an alternative device. To make it more adaptable in a space, you can mount it on a stand. Google certifies third-party hardware that is compatible with Google Meet, such as those made by Logitech.

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