Google Explains Why The Pixel 6’s Fingerprint Sensor May Be Sluggish

There are masses of motives to rave about Google’s Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. But their fingerprint sensors aren’t one of these matters. Since the Pixel 6’s release, users have complained approximately. Its slow and unreliable fingerprint sensor makes the phone tough to unlock.

It’s actual trouble while you’re pressured to push the display in an increasingly more determined try to get admission to your new Google phone, with many proprietors finishing up having to type in their PIN.

Spotted by Engadget, Google eventually stated the hassle on Sunday. November 7, even though the agency failed to truly come up with a solution. Responding to a tweet (below) from a Pixel 6 proprietor known as Ian who complained that the difficulty turned into ruining his enjoy with the brand new telephone, Google became “sorry for the trouble,” adding, “  The sensor d The Pixel 6’s fingerprint makes use of greater protection algorithms. In some instances, these extra protections can also take longer to verify or require greater direct touch with the sensor  ”.

So no, there may be no mention of the software fix Ian was hoping for, neither is Google suggesting that there may be any flaw with the brand new smartphone.

Pixel 6 Uses An Optical Fingerprint Sensor

Google Pixel 6
Google Pixel 6

The organization instructed Ian to check its listing of troubleshooting tips. However later stated none of them labored, including that the sensor become “still very erroneous“. He brought that he was using a display protector on the Pixel 6. That he had activated the “boom contact sensitivity” button (handy from the Settings / Display / Advanced menu). Which, in keeping with Google, improves the responsiveness of the device. The sensor whilst a protector is on the display screen. But the trouble persevered.

Responses from other Twitter users advocate it could be a hardware difficulty. The Pixel 6 uses an optical fingerprint sensor beneath the display as opposed to a quick ultrasonic sensor like on Samsung’s Galaxy S21. Which some customers consider may be the purpose for the sensor’s poor performance. But as Engadget notes, other customers on Reddit record that the optical fingerprint sensor works properly on their OnePlus smartphones, Likely indicating a software glitch unique to the Pixel 6.

A Real Software Program Bug?

It’s the primary Pixel smartphone to apply an in-show fingerprint sensor. And so the concern is that Google may have failed to very well take a look at it earlier than launch. The Pixel five had an inlaid sensor at the return of the tool. At the same time as the Pixel four used facial reputation.

For now, it seems there’s no clean option to the Pixel 6’s finicky fingerprint sensor, and Google’s reaction is vague at first-class. It’s unclear if Google can restore the trouble in a software program replace, or if the sensor’s supposedly “stepped forward” security system is surely picky about fingerprints.

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