Google Calendar Will Soon Display Your Meeting Times

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Google is updating its popular Calendar service. Google will now add “Time Insights” to its Google Calendar service. This feature will allow users to see how much time they spend on meetings. This feature will be available on selected Google Workspace plans next month, according to a Google blog post.

After Google and Apple added the Time Insights feature to their mobile OSs, Android, and iOS, it was only a few years later that Time Insights was available. It shows users how long they spent using apps. These features allowed users to set a time limit for each app, which was useful to keep track of time. However, Google Calendar doesn’t allow the same limitations for meetings.

Time Insights will provide you with the information you need in order to stop colleagues from scheduling meetings too often, according to Google 9 to 5.

Google has posted a screenshot showing what the feature panel looks like. The top of the page has a “Time Breakdown” pie chart. This will tell you how much time is spent in meetings. This will be divided into meetings for two or three people.

The graph below shows the average time spent in meetings each week. It shows you the busiest days as well as the average time spent in meetings each week. Google’s support page states that if you are the only person in a meeting, it does not count and will not be added to the total.

Google Calendar Display
Google Calendar Display

Available To Everyone

The search giant clarified that only the user can access the information and not the manager. If you have the ability to manage your own calendar, however, it may be possible to view another person’s dispatch.

Once the feature is deployed, it will be automatically enabled. Administrators can disable it, but users cannot reduce it or make it completely disabled. Users in the Google Workspace Business Plus and Enterprise Plus subscription groups will have access to Time Insights.

It will not be available to G Suite Basic and G Suite Business users, nor for those who use Google Workspace Business Starter or Essentials, Education Fundamentals, and Enterprise Essentials.

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