Galaxy Watch 4 Update Improves Touchscreen Use

Samsung’s smartwatches wear for a time defined by one physical control. Some thought it was more useful than Apple Watch’s digital crown. Recently, however, the distinctive rotating ring of the Galaxy Watch was put on hold and is only available for certain “Classic” models. Samsung has chosen a “virtual touchscreen” for most models. It relies on a touch-sensitive area around the edge of its screen. Unfortunately, Samsung just fixed the Galaxy Watch 4’s glitchy implementation.

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic was revealed less than a month ago. Their first impressions were so strong that they immediately integrated the top smartwatches for 2021. It upgrades their Tizen-powered predecessors and makes them more desirable from a hardware and software perspective.

Wear OS is the most significant addition to Samsung’s popular alternatives for the Apple Watch, but it’s just like any software going through a radical overhaul in an effort to reinvent itself.

Galaxy Watch 4 users will be pleased to know that an important update is being released, with a focus on “system stability” and “reliability”. Other than vaguely aiming at improving these two key aspects, the operating system update of 160MB also has another very important and possibly more important goal.

This new software update is focused on technical improvements to the touchscreen functionality. It seems that this update was only intended for the owners of the more expensive version. The Galaxy Watch 4 is a sportier version.

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic
Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

Not Yet For The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

These over-the-air upgrades are not available for the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. This could indicate that it is still experiencing touchscreen issues. In the early days of Galaxy Watch 4, users are able to see that this model has a specific combination of software and hardware, rather than Samsung’s Wear OS 3.

Redditors claim the touch bezel functionality works better after the Galaxy Watch 4 has the latest update. You can do the same.

If you don’t own the Galaxy Watch 4 yet you should, you should. The update may not be necessary but the Galaxy Watch 4 might just be the most affordable Android smartwatch (under $300).

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