Firefox is Now Available at The Microsoft Store

The new Microsoft Store that debuted with Windows 11 has a brand new appearance and supports greater app Firefox is Now Available. Indeed, Microsoft now permits builders to post Win32 applications as well as Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) packages.

Microsoft is also comfortable with some restrictions. Developers can now offer 0.33-birthday party software stores, like the Epic Games Store, and 0.33-celebration browsers, like Firefox… which, as of these days, is the first major third-celebration browser available inside the Microsoft Store.

The model of Firefox available from the Microsoft Store is more or less the same. What you would get by means of downloading it at once from the Mozilla website. It has the same Gecko browser engine as opposed to Chromium alternatives like Opera or the many other options. That make the most of Microsoft’s Web Edge view, the same privacy protections, and the same customization alternatives.

New Firefox Features Available 

But, now it’s simpler to install the app, assuming you observed it is less difficult to apply to an app store. Then it is to download and install apps the old-style way.

“  Previously, if you had been on Windows and wanted to apply Firefox, you had to download it from the Internet and undergo a clunky Microsoft manner  ,” says Mozilla. “  Now that Microsoft has modified its shop guidelines, selecting Firefox as your desktop browser is even easier – and it comes with all the present-day Firefox features  .”

Available for Windows 10 and Windows 11

Interestingly, the primary time you release the Microsoft Store version of Firefox is after putting in the app. It asks in case you want to set the browser as your default browser. But clicking this button on a Windows 11 PC will simplest take you to the Default Apps page, where you may to manually set Firefox as the default browser for every form of report you need it to open. , such as .Htm, .Html, .HTTP, and.Https.

However, the model of Firefox downloadable from Mozilla. The website has a workaround that makes it easier to set Firefox as your default browser with simply one click. This method that Mozilla both avoided filing its Firefox past version of Microsoft rejected it. The Microsoft Store and the corporation became pressured to take away the bypass from the default browser.

Firefox is now to be had in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 and Windows 11.

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