ESA will host a physical E3 show in 2023

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Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest and other digital games showcase live streams. This summer proved that the gaming industry doesn’t need E3. E3 was canceled this year for the second consecutive year to reduce the health risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Entertainment Software Association (ESA), however, asks that everyone remember this fact for now. E3 will be back in 2023, according to the ESA.

Stan Pierre-Louis, ESA President, and CEO stated in an interview with The Washington Post (April 23, 2018). That E3 2023 will include both digital and in-person elements. He said that the virtual E3 was a success because it reached journalists and fans around the globe. Who couldn’t travel to Los Angeles last year? unable to attend due to other reasons.

He said that people still want to bond and connect in person.

Pierre-Louis stated, “We are thrilled to return in 2023 with both an in-person and digital event”. We love these digital events and want them to reach people worldwide. But, we also know that people still long to meet in person. To meet up and discuss what makes these games so great.

Both in-person and online

E3 2023 will combine an in-person and virtual event. However, E3 2023’s success will hinge on whether major gaming companies participate financially. Sony, for example, pulled out of E3 2019 but did well with the State of Play presentations. Ubisoft, on the other hand, has been organizing Ubisoft Forward for the past two years but did not return to E3 2019. Nintendo also organized Nintendo Direct streams long before the pandemic, while Sega has been running Sonic Central streams since last season (even though they are shorter than other streams).

Pierre-Louis stated that E3 is still possible as an in-person event. However, it also offers the option of allowing people to participate virtually if they are unable. They are unable to be physically present because of circumstances beyond their control. He said that combining these two elements creates an essential piece of E3’s promise.

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