Discover Windows 10X Running on a Nokia Lumia 950 XL

Beyond Windows CE in the past, Microsoft has had very little luck in the mobile market. From Windows Phone to Windows 10 Mobile, including a quick test with Android, the company best known for its software has tried unsuccessfully to make its way into small devices. It can be confusing for some Microsoft fans to see a ditched smartphone running a version of Windows that hasn’t arrived yet and have it run well enough to even appear usable.

Microsoft unveiled a variant of Windows that is Google’s answer to Chrome OS, dubbed Windows 10X , with the Surface Neo announcement in 2019, now postponed.

Since then, we have witnessed various rumors, leaks and reports regarding this new operating system. Today, a few screenshots show that Microsoft’s competitor to Chrome OS, Windows 10X, also bodes well for mobile devices, aside from the fact that it works on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. dual screen devices.

If you’re not aware, a near-final version of Windows 10X was recently leaked online. What is impressive is that Gustavo Monce, a Twitter user, changed the version of Windows 10X that had leaked and managed to install it on a Nokia Lumia 950XL. This Lumia device was unveiled by Nokia in 2015. However, when installing the Windows 10X build on the device, Monce reported that it performed quite well.

The new operating system was able to adapt perfectly to the 5.7 inch screen of the Lumia 950XL. All of the new software elements, like the new taskbar and the new quick settings panel, were pretty well placed with the icons and buttons neatly in place.

Further improvements Expected

You can check out Monce’s tweet just below, As with Monce, Windows 10X responded positively to the small device and might work well with the Surface Duo. However, he also said that the operating system still needs a ton of under the hood changes to make it more efficient and usable on devices in the future.

And given how well Microsoft has developed the new operating system, we expect it to be much more stable when it finally officially releases.

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