Discord Expands its Reach Beyond Gaming With a New Branding

Discord is a company that has been getting a lot of buzzes lately. First, we learned that Discord has several contenders for its takeover, including Microsoft, for up to $ 10 billion. Although we learned from later reports that Discord had ended buyout negotiations, the company was quick to get the word out again by officially announcing a new partnership with PlayStation.

Today, Discord is back with a big brand overhaul and expanding its reach beyond gamers, and trying to become an inclusive place for everyone.

Of course, Discord started out as a messaging and voicemail app for gamers, but in recent years its scope has grown dramatically, with users creating servers for a wide variety of purposes that often have nothing to do with it. do with the games. Like many of its competitors, the pandemic has been a time of strong growth for Discord, and this rebranding seems to mean a new direction for the company following this wave of users.

Today, on the occasion of its sixth birthday, Discord announced that it is changing its ways a bit. We will see a new logo for the service as well as a more vibrant color scheme and a collection of animated characters that will appear in various locations. In addition, Discord is launching a new creative campaign called ‘Imagine a Place’, which aims to show that there is a place for everyone on Discord.

Not Reserved for players

Perhaps one of the best indications that Discord is now targeting a larger audience is the announcement of a new scene discovery feature. Last month, Discord launched Stage Channels, which are special voice channels for audio-only conversations that allow channel owners to designate a number of speakers at a time while muting all others. The idea is to give people a way to organize discussions in large groups without a mass of people drowning in voice chat.

With Stage Discovery, Discord brings to the fore some of these stage channels, allowing Discord users to browse and access all public stage channels at will without having to join and leave servers first. The discovery of scenes will be integrated into the application through a new navigation tab on mobile (on a computer, you will be able to browse the scenes live in the Home tab). So it’s clear that Discord wants to become a destination for events like AMAs, community meetings, and the like. Scene Discovery will be available in the app next month.

Paid events?

In addition to Stage Discovery, Discord also said it is experimenting with ways to allow users to run paid events, so we could very well see a future where some stage channels are paid. For now, this feature is only in private beta and there’s no telling when it will be rolled out on a larger scale.

Discord also says threads, which are the most requested, will arrive on the app sometime this summer, making text-based chats “even simpler and more streamlined.”

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