Chrome OS Could Bring Mirroring To An Android smartphone!

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Google makes the Chrome OS, OS that runs on Chromebooks, and therefore the company also makes Android that runs on billions of smartphones. In recent years, the corporate has brought platforms closer together by making it possible, for instance, to run Android apps on a Chromebook, use an Android smartphone to unlock a Chromebook, view or send text messages from within. a Chromebook.

While Microsoft was performing on its Your Phone app to permit Android users to simply access their devices on a Windows PC. Google, as you’ll know, is functioning on an identical feature for its web-based Chrome OS OS. A recent report from 9 to 5 Google suggests that you simply are going to be ready to mirror the screen, aka mirroring, of your Android device to your Chromebook using this feature.

The Phone Hub feature was first discovered as a flag on the Chromium Gerrit last year and has recently been brought into use for a few users using Chrome OS 90 on the Canary Channel. Thus, consistent with previous reports, said function allows users to activate/deactivate the mobile hotspot, activate “Do not disturb” mode, locate their lost Android device, synchronize notifications, and answer them directly from their Chromebook.

However, a recently discovered flag, called #eche-swa, suggests that the Phone Hub feature will allow users to look at their Android device’s screen directly on Chrome OS.

According to a 9to5Google report, this feature of Chrome OS will use a “special app” to mirror the smartphone screen. So when users click on a notification in Phone Hub on Chrome OS, they’re going to get a notification on their Android smartphone. they will then click on this notification to mention the whole screen of their smartphone on their Chromebook. This way, users are going to be ready to view and control the apps on their Android device directly from their Chrome OS device.

Exclusive for Pixels?

According to the report, this feature could also be exclusive to Pixel devices initially, before rolling bent other Android devices. Indeed, the parents at 9 to 5 Google found the app’s JavaScript during a folder specific to Pixel smartphones rather than the Chromium ASCII text file.

However, the Phone Hub function remains in its infancy. we do not know when this feature is going to be available on Chromebook devices. However, if it launches as a Pixel-exclusive feature, Google could add it to its quarterly Pixel updates. Keep in mind that Google has yet to officially announce such a feature.

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