CES 2021: Samsung’s new TVs get Mini LED

This week, at CES 2021 , Samsung just announced its superior 8K and 4K HDR TV (2021) range . And like TCL and LG before it, the company is shifting to a more precise backlighting system that uses Mini LED technology for better contrast and picture quality than its predecessors – and high-end QLED LCD TVs from Samsung were already impressive.

New Neo QLED

The latest advancements in Mini LEDs are called “Neo QLED” and will be available at different levels of the 2021 range. There are two 8K models: the QN900A (a successor to last year’s QLED 8K, with red edges. barely visible screen) and the QN800A. From there, three 4K TV series will boast Mini LED displays: the QN95A, QN90A, and QN85A.

According to Samsung, the LEDs on these TVs are up to 40 times smaller than those on traditional full-backlit TVs, where you get a few dozen “zones” that turn on and off depending on what happens. goes to the screen. Incorporating more LEDs into a smaller space results in more accurate backlighting which should significantly reduce glare, i.e. the halo effect that can sometimes be achieved. observe around shiny objects against a dark background on LCD televisions when the light spreads into another dimming area.

In addition, Samsung’s QLED 2021 TVs also aim to make life easier for gamers who have recently purchased an Xbox Series X / S or PlayStation 5. A new ‘game bar’ provides quick access to settings such as the refresh rate, image size, etc. All the HDMI 2.1 features you’d expect – 4K at 120Hz, variable refresh rate, automatic low latency mode, and eARC – are supported.

And Samsung offers ultra-wide 21: 9 and 32: 9 ratios to see a more complete view of everything happening on the screen.

Better Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, Samsung is building more speakers into 2021 TVs for what it calls object tracking sound. TVs analyze scenes and try to make the sound appear to be coming directly from the source to the screen. A new “SpaceFit Sound” feature uses the built-in microphone in these televisions to analyze room acoustics and automatically apply the best audio settings.

Samsung is also putting more emphasis on its Samsung Health software on a big screen. These latest TVs can be paired with a camera for a new “Smart Trainer” feature that follows you through an interactive fitness class.

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