CES 2021: Roborock S7 Now Mopping Up More Easier!

At CES 2021, Roborock announced its brand new robot vacuum: the Roborock S7. With the Roborock S7, the company really focused on the cleaning functions. Two main features are new with the vacuum robot.

The first, and perhaps the most important, is VibraRise. This technology allows the Roborock S7 to automatically lift the mop off the floor when carpets are detected. This allows the vacuum to continue cleaning your home without water settling on your carpet. It can also slide the wet mop across your clean floors when returning to its dock. VibraRise allows the Roborock S7 to vacuum and mops your entire house in one go.

Roborock Development

Next, Roborock developed new high-intensity brushing settings for the S7. From 1,650 times / min to 3,000 times / min. Your floors will never have been so clean. Especially useful for heavily soiled floors and dried dirt. So you will have less reason to have to mop yourself.

Most Powerful Robot Vacuum

The new cleaning functions are not the only novelty of Roborock S7. It is also the most powerful robot vacuum that Roborock has put on the market. It features 2500 Pa suction, which is the same power as the S6 MaxV that the company launched in 2020. With this suction power available on the S7, you won’t have to worry about dirt anymore. Roborock also changed the rotating brush. It is not entirely made of rubber. This will allow for easier maintenance. And less hair getting tangled in the bristles.

Finally, the Roborock S7 is equipped with a fairly large battery with a capacity of 5200 mAh, which will give you around 3 hours of cleaning, in silent mode. Of course, if you use it in max mode or even in turbo mode, you will have a little less time. However, for most people, the S7 should be able to clean your home in one go.

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