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Microsoft is Moving On from the Xbox One

Just days after launching pre-orders for their new Project Scorpio console, Microsoft is moving on from the Xbox One. Microsoft’s new Project Scorpio is branded as another Xbox One console, but Microsoft’s latest move might suggest otherwise. Here’s what you need to know.

An Xbox Straight Out of Minecraft, Yes Minecraft

Last Sunday, Microsoft began pre-orders for their new Xbox One X. They tech giant also unveiled a new special edition Xbox One S. The console and controller look as though they were both taken right out of Minecraft, literally. Here’s everything thing you need to know.

Digital Game Sales Send Producers and Consumers a Shocking Message

Over the last few years, the question of how games would be purchased and downloaded in the future was a major question. With the introduction of newer consoles that focused on expandable internal and external storage, it looked as if manufacturers were preparing for a major influx in the amount of digital purchases. Not everyone agreed with the conclusion a year and a half or two years ago. However, as both producers and consumers advance towards 2017, the industry has received a definite answer from consumers.

Using an Xbox 360 in 2016: Harder Than You Might Think

About two weeks ago Gamestop was advertising an Xbox 360 for $50 USD. The advertisement was somewhat vague because it didn’t state what version of the console they were selling or what came with the console itself. But for $50 it seemed like a good deal to be able to play some older games. Soon after purchase we realized that it was going to cost more than $50 to use and that the ad was not entirely truthful.