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Apple and AT&T are Partnering to bring Band 8 LTE to those in Puerto Rico

As many know, Puerto Rico is still struggling to get back on its feet after two horrific hurricanes hit the island over the last few weeks and months. Apple and AT&T are partnering to try and get those still stuck on the island connected to love ones and find sources of information to stay safe and find basic necessities. Here’s what you need to know.

Gmail Will No Longer Read Your Emails for Tailored Ads

Have you ever looked up a product you are looking to buy, and just moments later that same product is conveniently located in an ad before a YouTube video or in your Gmail inbox? I guarantee that anyone who uses Gmail, which is going to be a large percentage of the population, has experienced this at one point or another. This is because Google reads your emails to create personalized ads tailored to your needs, but this will soon be changing, in a way.